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Bullying Websites & Articles


Bully Off - A new anti-bullying website started in the UK.

Bullying Can Push Students Over Edge - "A very substantial percentage of the population views bullying as a rite of passage," said Ted Feinberg, assistant executive director of the National Association of School Psychologists in Bethesda, Md. "One of the common areas that binds all of the school shooters together is all of them were the victim of bullying. Their lives were made miserable. What we have also found is many of them felt there is no other recourse to stop this behavior other than going home and getting a weapon and taking care of the bullies in a dramatic and final way."  


MN Jeff Weise: A Mystery in a Life Full of Hardship - Even as a member of a loose confederacy of loners, Jeff Weise seemed to be an afterthought. "He was a goth," said Allan Mosay, 14. "He had no friends. He didn't communicate." Sondra Hegstrom, who said she had had classes with Weise, said he was quiet and "never said anything." He was teased -- "terrorized," she said -- by people who thought he was weird.


MN 'The Clues Were All There' - Two days after a shooting rampage on the Indian reservation here left 10 dead, friends, relatives and neighbors of Jeff Weise, the 16-year- old assailant, began to sketch a portrait of a deeply disturbed youth who had been treated for depression in a psychiatric ward, lost several close family members, sketched gruesome scenes of armed warriors and was removed from the school where he gunned down most of his victims Monday. “The clues were all there," said Kim Desjarlait, Weise's step-aunt. "Everything was laid out, right there, for the school or the authorities in Red Lake to see it coming. I don't want to blame Red Lake, but did they not put two and two together? This kid was crying out, and those guys chose to ignore it. They need to start focusing on their kids."


School Dilemma: Is Message a Violent Threat or Just a Pose? - Parents have long suspected, and medical science has proven, that teenage brains are underdeveloped in the areas controlling rational thinking, impulse and planning. At the same time, the sections of the brain dealing with emotions are in overdrive during the teen years. School officials are constantly trying to figure out the difference between a student who could trigger a Columbine or Red Lake kind of massacre and one who is simply, but inappropriately, expressing frustration with pervasive issues such as bullying.


How to Help Your Kid From Being Bullied - In another excerpt from her book ‘Laying Down the Law,’ Dr. Ruth Peters offers tactics to deal with bullies, at home and in school. Who are the bullies? Who are the victims? And what can you do if you have one, or both, living under your roof? Plenty — from teaching bully-coping skills to encouraging social competence in your own kids. This is one area where children really can’t do it alone. They need your help and involvement to keep them safe, happy, and with positive memories of childhood.


Bullies Not Wanted Here - Roxanne Tamayo, 9, recalled the day a group of students bullied her while she was playing ball during lunch at Lowell School. To bystanders, the jibes and taunts could seem like innocent child's play. To Roxanne, the incident left an indelible impression, one that school counselors say could scar her for life.

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