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Bullying Information


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Who are the victims of bullying?  


"Victims tend to be loners who tend to cry easily, lack self-defense skills, aren't able to use humor in conflict situations or who don't think quickly on their feet. Children who have few friends are always easy prey for bullies. It's easier to pick on a lone child without witnesses.  Children who have special needs are also common victims for bullies."


Most victims of bullying are children with little or no self-esteem or confidence, for whatever reason.  Perhaps the child:


Has a disability

Has a stammer

Is bad at sports

Is new to the district

Has a different religion or belief

Wears different clothes

Has a different accent

Has a different nationality or color

Has an ear that sticks out


Dynamics of Bully-Victim Situations


A power differential exists between the bully and the victim.

Bullies tend to confident, aggressive, and lack empathy for the victim.

Bullies come from homes where there is poor supervision, and modeling of and tolerance for aggressive behavior.

Victims tend to be quiet, passive children with few friends.

Victims do not respond effectively to aggressive actions.

Bullying is often done so that adults are not aware of it.

Victims are ashamed, and often don't tell an adult.


This is an excerpt from the ASAP: A School-based Anti-Violence Program. 


Articles Related to Bullying


Schools Endeavor to Fight Against Bullying - Thinking back on the last nine years, Tyler Albertario really can't choose the worst moment. Maybe it was the morning someone tripped him in the school hallway. Or the afternoon that kids spit on him from a bus window. Or just the constant slights -- the birthday party invitations that never arrived, the play-dates that never materialized. His parents pay nearly $9,000 in property taxes a year because of the high quality of the school system. "But who cares about high-ranking education," his father said, "when your kid is miserable?"


Making Schools Safe For Children - Oakland County California Prosecutor Dave Gorcyca’s anti-bullying program is no more, but local officials are working to keep the problem of school violence in check. In fact, Oakland Schools has a committee that is looking at the entire issue of school safety. The committee is expected to present its findings and a recommendation in January, said Shelley Yorke Rose, the intermediate school district’s spokeswoman.

Programs Aim to Stop 'Cyber Bullying' - Schoolyard bullies are becoming increasingly high tech, as a growing number of students now engage in "cyber bullying" by spreading rumors through web sites or harassing students through text messages.


MN Legislators Take Aim at School Bullying - State legislators will try again to stand up to bullies. At a Capitol news conference Friday, state Sen. Satveer Chaudhary, DFL-Fridley, announced that he will introduce legislation next year to require Minnesota school districts to adopt anti-bullying policies and offer them training in anti-bullying measures. Chaudhary said it was time that schools quit dismissing bullying as normal rite-of-passage behavior. "The excuse that bullying is just kids being kids is unacceptable," he said.


America's Promise Partner Lauds Promise Effort to Stamp Out Bullying - Recently an Erie, Pa., high-school student, reportedly unable to continue enduring relentless teasing and bullying from her peers, committed suicide. Preventing similar deaths, and the other tragic outcomes that can stem from bullying, including depression, substance abuse and eating disorders, are the focus of The Ophelia Project, an Erie-based nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a safe social and emotional climate in schools and communities.


Teaming Up On Bullies - When I was little, playing with some neighborhood kids, I let them roll me up in a rug. Or I rolled myself up, I can’t remember. I do remember the feeling of being totally helpless. Someone sat on me and didn’t let me unroll for an eternity of probably a minute or so. I struggled, realizing that no matter what I did, I couldn’t free myself. I was absolutely at the other kids’ mercy until they let me go.


Battling Bullies? Turn to School Counselors & Other Professionals For Help - What's the best way to handle a bully? Columnist Victoria Clayton answers your queries. Have a question about children's health and well-being? Send it to us at childrenshealth@feedback.msnbc.com. We’ll post select answers in future columns.


Parent Reviews Give an Inside View - How does your school do in meeting the needs of its students? Just click on Parent Reviews on any school profile on www.greatschools.net to see personal, up-close comments about schools. Thus far, they've published over 37,000 reviews of schools across the country, and the number keeps on growing! Parents tell us what they like about their schools and what needs improvement.


MI Michigan Senate Approves Anti-Hazing Bills - Hazing of school and college students in Michigan would be banned under legislation passed unanimously by the Senate on Wednesday. But in approving SB 783 and SB 784, the Senate rejected an attempt to also make bullying a state offense.


The Blame Game: Are Learning & Behavior Problems the Kids' Fault? - Parents of special ed kids often say that they are intimidated and patronized by staff at their children’s school. Are parents too sensitive? Do they misperceive and misunderstand what happens in their contacts with educators? Or are parents just over-protective of their children, as many educators claim? If school staff believe that you or your child are responsible for your child’s problems, how can you work with them to ensure that your child gets a good quality education?


What Bullies Want - Bullies are popular and their classmates think they're cool, according to new research from UCLA, which points to the need for a new approach to addressing the problem in schools.


U.S. U.S. Frames Bullying as Health Issue - The federal government is planning a $3.4 million campaign to combat bullying, drawing support from more than 70 education, law enforcement, civic and religious groups. With an expected start next year, the effort will frame bullying as a public health concern, targeting kids and the adults who influence them.


FL Six Schools Plan to Rid Their Halls of Bullies - It was the soundtrack to Jane Hershman's seventh grade: a relentless chorus of verbal abuse from a male classmate, in gym, at lunch, in the halls, most of it unprintable.


WA Teasing Suit Moves to Appeals Court - The mother of an autistic boy says hearing him called "stupid" and "crazy" by his kindergarten classmates was only part of the problem, according to court records.


U.K. School's shock at 'bullied' pupil's death - School staff say they are devastated at the death of a 16 year old whose parents believe he killed himself because of bullying.


MI Kids get help conquering bullies - Metro Detroit schools develop programs to prevent abuse and boost self-esteem.  Like other kids her age, Jamie Artman was bullied in middle school for no reason. One day, a group of boys picked her out of a crowd because she was wearing a necklace with a star pendant.


WI 3 Green Bay teens get jail time for beating classmate - Three Green Bay teens were convicted Monday of beating up a 15-year-old disabled classmate in October.


AR 5 teens charged in taped assault - Group beat special education student at bus stop, police say.


Students still afraid despite fewer school weapons, crime. Why? Bullies. - Metal detectors and surveillance cameras have sharply reduced weapons and crime at the nation's schools, but a government report says students are more afraid on school grounds than off because of a problem that hasn't changed: the school bully.


Read the article from the Rocky Mountain News "Students don't pull punches" - Colorado schools have plenty of bullies, survey indicates.


Read the article from the Denver Post - Colorado kids blame violence on intolerance


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