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Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)


Click here for information on FBAs from Bridges4Kids.


For a discussion of issues related to "adequacy" of FBAs and BIPs synthesized from recent research, click here.

Publication containing basic information for those interested in learning more about FBA and effective intervention. It is a very nice FREE publication in PDF format written by Carl Liaupsin.


Functional Behavior Assessment/Analysis Sheets (PDF): Behavior observation forms (PDF; size=40k) Use these forms to quickly document observations of behaviors. Such observations can be a good first step in a functional behavior assessment or analysis. This document consists of reproducible data sheets -- two versions of an observation form, and a behavioral intensity rating scale -- as well as instructions for using those sheets. Functional Behavior Assessment (PDF; size=14k) This document is used to take the observation of challenging, inappropriate, or ineffective behaviors a step further and begin to assess the function that the behavior serves for the child. This set of worksheets is designed to examine a single behavior (or type of behavior), form a hypothesis about the function of that behavior for the child, and design a behavioral intervention plan to address it.


Functional Behavioral Assessments - Felix is an inquisitive, resourceful 15-year-old high school student with traumatic brain injury. He has struggled academically and behaviorally for years. In middle school, when presented with a difficult or complex assignment, he would frequently whine, stomp his feet, or hit his teacher or another student. When reprimanded, Felix would often run out of the room and, on several occasions, left the school grounds without permission. Click here to download this brief (pdf version) and to learn about the behavior plan developed for Felix.


Sample Letter: Letter requesting Functional assessment of behavior and positive behavior support plan - click here.


Introduction to Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) and Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP) by Tricia Luker

Excerpt: IDEA '97 uses two tools, the functional behavior assessment [FBA] and the behavior intervention plan [BIP] to promote positive supports to a child's behavior difficulties.

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