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PBS for Young Children: Pre-kindergartener Expulsion Rates - Pre-kindergarteners Left Behind: Expulsion Rates in State Prekindergarten Systems (PDF) by Walter S. Gilliam, PhD, Yale University Child Study Center; Read the results of a study on the expulsion of young children from state-subsidized pre-K classrooms from a national study of 3,898 pre-kindergarten classrooms (81.0% response rate), representing all of the nation's 52 state-funded pre-kindergarten systems currently operating across 40 states. Nationally, 6.67 preschoolers were expelled per 1,000 enrolled -- 3.2 times the rate for K-12 students. Also, see Expulsion Rates for Prekindergarten and K-12 by State (PDF) and Michigan Pre-kindergarten fact sheet (PDF).


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