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Last Updated: 04/12/2018


 Article of Interest - Education

Running Schools Like Business

from PEN
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"Now that Enron, WorldCom and Adelphia have become fodder for late-night comics, few are suggesting we operate like these folks," writes Paul Houston in the latest issue of "The School Administrator." Schools and business have always had a complex relationship. Schools supply the future workforce and customer base. However, schools often have been used as the designated whipping boy for some business folk to cover their failures. According to Mr. Houston, "It is hard to listen to business leaders decry the quality of their workforce with one breath and then complain about higher taxes with the next breath as if there is no connection between the two things. And of course after hearing for years that 'money doesn't matter' and that schools should do more with less and then seeing the obscene amounts of money that many of these same people have made boggles the mind and upsets the stomach. Further, as we struggle to teach children values, we must offset the example of incredible greed and dishonesty demonstrated by some of these same leaders." 


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