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Working to keep Michigan's kids safe through action and awareness.

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 Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention: A Call to Action Task Force Education and Outreach Subcommittee Meeting

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention: A Call to Action Task Force Education and Outreach Subcommittee Meeting, October 21, 2003


Present: Margaret Sauser (United Parents Against Lead of Michigan); Nancy Pattison (Prism Pediatrics); Paulette Smith (Michigan State Housing Development Authority); Amani Younis (Arab American and Chaldean Council); John Clay (Dearborn Public Schools); Rosene Cobbs (MSU Extension); Gwen Franklin, Marlene Swift (City of Detroit Health Department); Kim Kelley-Sutter (Saginaw County Health Department); Deb Canja (Bridges 4 Kids); Don Kuchnicki (Michigan Works! Association); Jennifer Acevedo, Patricia Lawton (Department of Environmental Quality); Deborah Hall-Turner (The Wellness Plan); Amy Miller (MDCH/Health Promotions and Publications); Stephanie Cole (Kalamazoo County Human Services Department); Sue Charette (Healthy Homes=Healthy Kids); Jane Schneider (District #10 Health Department)

Staff: Michele Borgialli (MDCH/LHRP); Yasmina Bouraoui (MDCH/CLPPP)

I Welcome and Introductions

Members introduced themselves. There were several new members to the group this month.

II General Task Force Meeting Briefing

Several members, who were at the general Task Force meeting, provided an update on what transpired at the meeting. Most of the meeting was dedicated to subcommittee updates. Rosene Cobbs from Michigan State University was the Education/Outreach subcommittee representative and deserves special recognition for her time spent on preparing for and presenting at the meeting. Michele Borgialli will be sending out the PowerPoint presentation that was provided that day via email.

Michele Borgialli provided the recommendation parameters that Dr. Kimberlydawn Wisdom and the Michigan Public Health Institute staff highlighted at the Task Force meeting. They also requested that each subcommittee provide up to 5 recommendations in a priority order. The parameters mentioned at the Task Force meeting were:

 Cost - initial/ongoing
 Impact - what will change?
 Lasting - will it change the way we are presently doing business?
 Feasible - ease of implementation
 Is it primary prevention of lead poisoning?
 Does it create efficiency?
 Does it create public/private partnerships?
 Does it reach children at highest risk?

In addition six draft bills were mentioned that Task Force members were encouraged to review and comment on. All but one were sponsored by the House and Senate. The House bill numbers were: 4443, 5115, 5116, 5117, 5118, 5119. Curtis Curtel, Legislative Office - 241-1939 should be contacted with comments about these bills.

III Other Items for our Subcommittee - Information and Discussion

The following topics were discussed at this time: Great Start, Great Finish Campaign; Story Board - My Home, My Kids, and My Choice; Case Studies in Environmental Medicine - Lead Toxicity; Lead-Safe America Campaign - Tool Kit; Lead Poisoning’s Impact on Education of Michigan Children - MLSP.

Yasmina Bouraoui provided the members with an update of the MSU lead screening tool project. Much discussion surrounded this topic and how the information could best be used by providers. Michele Borgialli will email this site to all members.

IV Format for Today’s Activities - Expected Outcome: Our 6 top recommendations

Due to the fact that time was running short and recommendations were due back to the Task Force before December, the members did not break out into workgroups. As an outcome of the September meeting, the subcommittee had 21 recommendations, which needed to be reduced to five by December. This was an arduous task, but the members worked hard toward achieving this goal! Current recommendations were shared by the workgroup chairs, additional ideas were brainstormed to add to these recommendations. The members worked then to collapse categories that were relevant to each other. In the end, 7 recommendations were distilled out, which are listed on the last pages of these minutes.

V Where do we go from here?
VI November Meeting Goals
VII December Meeting Goals

Agenda items V through VII were tabled for the sake of time.

VIII Adjourn

The subcommittee adjourned at 2:30 p.m; a half hour later than the expected time.


Great Start, Great Finish Campaign Detroit News article
Information on the story board, “My Home, My Kids, My Choice”
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Case Study in Environmental Medicine; Lead Toxicity
Lead-Safe America Campaign Tool Kit Sample
Lead Poisoning’s Impact on Education on Michigan Children fact sheet created by the Michigan Lead Safe Partnership
House bills: 4443, 5115, 5116, 5117, 5118, 5119

Subcommittee Meeting Dates/Locations:

The following dates are set for our future Education and Outreach Subcommittee meetings. The location for all meetings will be the state health department, Baker Olin West Building.

November 17, Monday, 10 am - 2 pm, Room 210, EPI Resource Room
December 8, Monday, 10 am - 2 pm, Conference Room 1B

Respectfully submitted, Michele Borgialli and Yasmina Bouraoui 

 For more information about the MLSP, email us at: info@gettheleadout.org