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Should You Get Listed in the Yellow Pages?
If you help parents and caregivers get services for children with disabilities (i.e., an evaluator, educational consultant, academic tutor, advocate, attorney, special ed school, etc.) or you facilitate a support or study group, please submit an application be listed in the Yellow Pages for Kids. We are specifically seeking applications from private special education schools, clinics, health care professionals, special education attorneys and special education lay advocates, and related service providers and supplemental service providers as defined by IDEA 2004 and No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Listings are free, however, not all listings will be accepted.


How do I get listed or submit a change to a current listing?

Fill out the form below (fields with an asterisk (*) are required) and click "Submit" to send it to us for processing.  Your application will not be processed without all required information. Processing may take up to 14 days or more depending upon volume of requests, holidays and illness. You will receive a confirmation email once your listing has been added, changed or removed.  If you know a provider who may want to be listed in the Yellow Pages, please send them information about the yellow pages.  Please do not list others, let them decide for themselves.


Sample Listing: Bridges4Kids
Deborah K. Canja, Esq., Director
000 Okemos Road, Ste. 00
Okemos, MI 40000
(517) 381-0000; (517) 381-0000 (fax)
Email: info@bridges4kids.org
Web: https://www.bridges4kids.org
A non-profit parent organization providing an internet-based system of information and referral for parents of children from birth through transition to adult life.

What you need to know before submitting your application:

  • Everything on the application will be viewable to the public, including the address listed.

  • An address is required. No exceptions. If you do not have a business address, for a support group for instance, check with a local organization to see if you can use theirs or get a P.O. Box.

  • An email address is required for confirmation.

  • We do not list by category i.e. Advocate, Special Education Attorney, etc.

  • Your description is to be 25 words or less. If it is not, we will shorten it for you.

  • We do not list entire firms (i.e. Partner, Partner and Partner Law Firm). We list individual attorneys from law firms (i.e. Peter Wright, Esq.). To see how other attorneys are listed, view some of the other listings on your state's page.

  • Do not list multiple branches of an organization or business. Let a representative of each branch list for themselves, please. That way, the person requesting the listing is aware of the listing and can take care of updates, as needed.

  • We do not list those who do not provide DIRECT SERVICES to those with disabilities. For example, we do not list books, blogs, publishers of books, toys, web stores or other similar listings. If you are unsure, go ahead and fill out the application. Someone will notify you if the listing is valid.

  • If you see a listing on our website that does not currently conform to the rules listed above, it is ok.  We are cleaning up old listings as we find them.


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If your listing is longer than 25 words, we will edit it for you or omit the description altogether.

Additional Comments (this information will not be listed in your ad unless you do not follow the 25 word description of service rule above and this information is more applicable than what you submit under description of service.)
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If "yes", please let us know the date(s) and location(s) so that we can highlight it in your free ad.
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Check your listing for errors before clicking Submit. Are you sure that your listing is correct? Have you provided us with enough information to be able to decipher your request? YES!

You will receive a confirmation email within the specified time period, if reasonable, after your listing has been added. Thank you!