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Lead Poisoning: Who is at Risk?

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 Lead Poisoning: Who is at Risk?


MI The Michigan Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program's 2002 Annual Report on Blood Lead Levels in Children has been published on the MSU website.  Click on Annual Reports, then click on "2002" under "Blood Lead Levels".  The document is in PDF format, is 79 pages in length and includes data on both children and adults. The section on children begins on page 47.


MI Difficulty Making Adequate Yearly Progress Linked to Lead Poisoning - This map (click here for PDF map) overlays 2001-02 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) status over elementary school attendance area in the city of Grand Rapids. The map then plots elevated blood lead level cases that are greater than or equal to 10 ug/dL in 2000 by elementary attendance area. Statistical analysis of these data (a F Test) indicated that schools having more children with lead poisoning greater than 10 ug/dL is significantly related to not achieving AYP status.


Michigan Department of Community Health, Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Project's Statewide Lead Screening/Lead Testing Plan - click here.


Is your family at risk?  View the Top 100 Places in the 50 United States According to the Estimated Number of Housing Units with Lead-Based Paint (LBP) and The Top 100 Places in the 50 United States With More Than 10,000 Housing Units, According to the Estimated Percentage of Housing Units with Lead-Based Paint (LBP) - click here (pdf size=109kb).


View the 2001 Michigan Childhood Lead Poisoning Data for One and Two-Year Olds by County - click here (pdf size=90kb).


Michigan criteria for lead testing - http://www.michigan.gov/documents/ScreenPlan_11223_7.pdf


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