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Last Updated: 06/14/2015

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Bella's List of Michigan Disability/Special Ed/Special Needs Listservs (A-Z)

Last updated: August 18, 2005





A contact point for all persons in the state of Michigan with a disability, or their friends and/or families.   Also open to all persons in Michigan who are involved or concerned with the needs, concerns, problems and laws affecting anyone with a disability.   This group was started by Paul W. Scalf, a wheelchair user and Regional Organizer for A.D.A.P.T. of Michigan in the Holland area.




Ann Arbor Autism







This list is primarily for autism related questions, answers & support within the Macomb & St. Clair Counties of Michigan, but anyone is welcome to ask or answer questions on this list. We are a small, local parent volunteer organization, and have a website with a broader range of information and links located at http://www.macombasa.org






Welcome to Autism-Michigan!


This list is for anyone on the Autism Spectrum or with a loved one, student or patient with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. The list is to provide resource information & support. Posts are not limited to any type of therapy or subject. This is for people to share their experiences and ask/answer questions about Autism. The majority of information may be specific to Michigan but is not limited to Michigan.


Thank you for your interest in our list and we look forward to hearing from you soon:)




This group is for parents of middle school age children on the autistic spectrum (includes autism, aspergers, pdd). We will discuss topics relevant to inclusion, behavior and education of children at these ages, and support each other. With all of us helping each other.




Autism Spectrum Adults Michigan
Welcome! This group is for Adults within the Autism Spectrum including Asperger's and P.D.D. as well as Family and Friends of those in the autism spectrum.  This is an opportunity to offer support to one another, gain a better understanding of each other, ask questions, share resource information and form friendships with others who live in the Michigan area...though people from other areas are welcome to be part of this group as well. Posts are not limited to any type of subject but must be appropriate for general viewing. Members are expected to remain courteous and respectful of one another.
Please take a moment to introduce yourself when joining. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Burger school for autism, caregiver support.  (Garden City,MI)














Livingston County, Michigan based support group for people suffering with Bipolar disorder and other depressive disorders. Our goal is to offer support and information to people suffering from these disorders, their parents, family, friends, and educators. Please join us in sharing information, success stories, frustration and anything bp related that is on your mind. We are not limited to members in our Geographical location.





This is a mailing list for parents of children with Down Syndrome who reside in the state of Michigan.   Learn from each other's experiences related to medical, insurance, PT, OT, IEP's, etc.   Also a chance to let off steam, share your dreams and tears.   A chance to get to know other Michiganders who have children with Down Syndrome.   Relatives and professionals are also welcomed to join the list.



Down Syndrome Support/St. Clair County


This is a mailing list for parents of children with Down Syndrome who reside in St. Clair County, Michigan. We can learn from each others experiences, let off steam, share dreams and tears. Relatives and professionals are also welcome.



Everyday Miracles


Everyday Miracles is a parent led, community based support group designed to strengthen, empower and inform families and communities about children with autism. To assist you in fully understanding the realm of this support group, we hold live group meetings at three locations throughout Oakland and Wayne counties (Ferndale, Novi and Romulus, Michigan) as well as an on-line support group, where everyone can post messages on the bulletin board and receive e-mails from other members.



FaSAFASD Families and Supports Affected by FASD
The group is for families and support persons who are living with someone who has a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.







This is a very new group,so please be patient.

I'm looking for families,or parents homeschooling their children in Michigan.Primarily Genesee County area.for Filed trips,events and play groups so the children still recieve a good basis of social interactions.... Children with emotional disorders are more then welcome..~those with ADD,ADHD,AS,Autism...~ All are welcome to exchange websites offer advice an help or jus vent. Thank you...




GPParents (Grosse Pointe Parents)



Welcome to Grosse Pointe Parents! This is a *private* list for Parents and Caregivers of Special Needs/Special Education children living in the Grosse Pointe School District in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.   This includes parents of children enrolled in special education programs in the Grosse Pointe Public School District who live in:   Hamtramck, Harper Woods and Highland Park.   This would also include parents residing in the Grosse Pointe school district, who send their children out of district or to private schools, or parents who home-school their children with disabilities.   We also welcome all parents of children at the Foundation for Exceptional Children, as well as any parent of a child with a disability enrolled in a Public School Academy (Charter School) in Grosse Pointe.







Happy At Homeschool is a group that welcomes any and all homeschooling families, geared specifically for homeschool families in Washtenaw, Oakland & Livingston counties in Lower Michigan.(***ANYONE is welcome!   ALL COUNTIES in lower-Michigan!   JOIN US!   Some might have a further drive to events and such, but we'd LOVE to have you with us!!!)   Our goal is to provide support, encouragement, brain-storming, problem-solving, curriculum ideas, anything-and-everything that homeschooling families experience!   The options are endless, with opportunities for possible weekly playgroups or monthly family fun days or even field trips!




Jackson County Special Education Parents



This group is for parents of children in Special Ed programs in Jackson County, Michigan, to try to build and maintain an information network of happenings around the state, in our ISD and individual school districts.




Lansing Homeschoolers



This is an inclusive list for homeschooling parents in the greater Lansing Michigan area.   This is a place for you to share ideas, links, curriculum and personal homeschooling experiences.   Posting of field trips throughout MI is encouraged.   As this is an all inclusive list there will be no slamming or unpleasantries permitted.







This is a list for LDS homeschooling parents in Michigan, whether you are thinking about starting, newly started, or an old hand at it.   Come and discuss, learn, and share ideas about homeschooling - both temporal and spiritual aspects.   Let's create a warm and inviting place to share ideas...like a fireside!   Please, no anti-Mormon sentiments.







The LFSL (Lapeer Foundation for Special Learning) Mailing List serves as an online support group for it's members. You must be a parent of a child enrolled in special education through the Lapeer Community School District or the Lapeer Intermediate School District to be accepted.   Applicants will be considered for membership through a personal interview with a LFSL board member.   For more information about LFSL or this online support group, please contact us at 810-245-5606.   Thank you.







Welcome to the Michigan Community Service Commissionís Disability Advisory Committee listserv.   The committee is a collaboration between the Commission, state and local agencies, and individuals who are dedicated to engaging men and women with disabilities in national and community service in Michigan.   This list serves as a forum for discussion, a resource for information, and a communication tool for committee activities.







A discussion of issues related to recipient rights in Michigan. Discussions include questions about rights issues, mental health code interpretations, investigative or training concerns and issues related to mental health in general.






This is an announcement and discussion list serving the interests of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people and the Interpreting Community in Michigan. This is a self posting list.




ADHD-Michigan Group



This is a group created for parents in Michigan that have ADD/ADHD children and wish to gather and support one another. This can be your place to ask questions, discuss   daily life and just hang out together. You can share and receive tips, get feedback and support on dealing with the situations and problems that are unique to ADD/ADHD Families.







The purpose of this list is to give those who deal with someone they care about who is bipolar (manic-depressive) a place to share and receive tips on dealing with different situations and problems that are unique to bipolar families. By keeping this list closed to all but Michigan residents we may be able to help each other better with referrals to doctors and therapists who routinely work with bipolar patients and to help each other navigate our Michigan government system so we may get the most benefit of our tax dollars. Persons having BP are considered to be persons having a disability and therefore entitled to certain legal rights.







This group is designed for families who are impacted by or are associated with a child who is deaf-blind.   Deaf-blindness is a condition in which an individual has a combination of hearing and vision loss of any degree.   This specific group was   generated by parents of deaf-blind children who have voiced their need to connect with other Michigan families with deaf-blind children. It is expected that support for families will be generated through the   opportunities to share stories, gather information and provide suggestions to each other.



Michigan Community Service Commission's Disability Advisory Committee



Welcome to the Michigan Community Service Commissionís Disability Advisory Committee listserv.   The committee is a collaboration between the Commission, state and local agencies, and individuals who are dedicated to engaging men and women with disabilities in national and community service in Michigan.   This list serves as a forum for discussion, a resource for information, and a communication tool for committee activities.




Michigan Department of Education, Special Education




Office Of Special ED & Early Intervention Services:











The Michigan FEAT mailing list was formed to help parents band together to create a "Families for Early Autism Treatment" group in our state.   Once it's created the mailing list will be used for bulletins, announcements and as a general support forum for members.   Michigan FEAT will be made up of individuals (mostly parents) who are dedicated to ensuring that children with an autism spectrum disorder receive the best education, advocacy and support.   This may include setting families up with information on state and federal resources, educating families on different types of therapies and pointing them in the right direction when they have chosen the therapy that is right for them.   It may also include trying to start or change state programs to help families pay for therapy.   We may have fundraisers and benefits to offset the cost of members' therapy they are providing.   We may also have a reference and toy lending library.   These are some of the things we would like to work on. Please join us in helping these wonderful children, who deserve the best and together....we can move mountains..... We look forward to seeing you.







This group is where we can come & find support, ask questions and even plan field trips, for those of us in Macomb County, open to everyone in the surrounding area. I'd prefer everyone's religious beliefs NOT be a part of the group's purpose, but that we can all come together & share ideas, comments, & just have fun! Knowing that we're "not alone" in homeschooling, that there are others like us! *S* (No lurkers, all must participate with some conversation & some field trips when possible.) 




Michigan-PAC (Parent Advisory Committee)



Welcome to the Michigan Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Michigan listserv* - This listserv as a way for (all) parents to share PAC information throughout the state. Please feel free to join.   Thank you!  *You need not be a PAC member to join this listserv.   Everyone is welcome.




Michigan National Disability Party Delegation



This list is for members of the National Disability Party.   To be on this list you must care about disability issues and be a resident of the state of Michigan.




Michigan School for the Blind Alumni



This is an unmoderated mailing list for former students and staff of the Michigan School for the Blind to share experiences, remember the times at MSB, and keep in touch with others.







This is a special needs information resource loop for both homeschoolers and non. I am a homeschooler and was originally going to do this loop for only homeschoolers, but realized that our children are already limited enough. We, as parents, have good information to share no matter our educational choices. We need not limit ourselves or our children to one group or another. I hope this loop will be a place where we can come together and share much needed resources, intellectual discussion and friendship. This group offers support to parents of a child (or children) with developmental delays (speech and language, motor, cognitive, sensory, emotional and social, etc.). Please sign in and share your stories; we won't grow unless you do.







This is a Secular/Inclusive home school group where we can come to find support, ask questions and hopefully, plan a few field trips throughout the year. If you are homeschooling or thinking about homeschooling, we invite you to participate in this group. Anyone from Michigan is welcome. We offer support to anyone regardless of religion, race, or educational method. Our group stresses diversity and open-mindedness. Religious beliefs ARE NOT to be a part of the daily discussion, however. This is a place where we can come together, share intellectual discussion, and make this journey a rewarding experience without being judged for our religious affiliations.




Mich Homeschool



Online support group for Michigan Homeschooling families including the planning of group trips and events. We welcome any and all Michigan residents (and those soon to become residents) to join us.







The email group of the Michigan Chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (MiRID).







Have a sib with a disability?   Live in Michigan?   Then this list is a great place for you to get to know others like you.   Come, vent, share stories, laugh, relate to others who have "walked in your shoes", maybe even make lasting friendships! 




Monroe County Autism Support Group


The Monroe County Autism Support Group is here to help and lend support to any family whose child(ren) falls into the Autism Spectrum Disorder. For Monroe County, Michigan and surrounding areas.








Monroe County Michigan Parents that have a special needs child(ren) who need/wants to connect with other moms to talk, listen and even get together, finding area services/ opportunities/events, just understanding in general, passing on therapy/play tips, school/IEP help, etc).







I am 43 and recently diagnosed with MS. I also live in south-east Michigan. Any one with MS or a family member of someone with MS or care givers are very welcome because this list was made for you. I guess I should say us ! I don't know many people with MS and wanted someplace where others with MS and I could go to talk to some one who has really been there. We can compare notes, exchange complaints, laugh, cry, etc. with some else who really knows what we are going through on a daily basis.







Welcome to the State of Michigan Delegation of the National Party for Disability Rights.  Please click on BOOKMARKs at left, read the FILEs to learn more....and get ready to work!







Parent Power, Michigan EUP

This listserv is here for all Parents With a Special Needs Child.







This is an 'International Rare Disease Support Network' Yahoo! Group open for anyone interested in making friends, sharing information and providing support for citizens of the Michigan. 







For members of REACH Homeschool Group in Oakland County, Michigan (Auburn Hills or Brandon Group).   We are an inclusive group open to anyone homeschooling for any reason with any method.







Welcome to ALL folks interested in Special Olympics Michigan Area 19 - Jackson County Michigan.   Join us to learn what's going on in Area 19, make online buddies, chat, post Special Olympics pictures and links, look at our local calendar of events, share your ideas with all members or just one.







Welcome to SpecialEdLawMichigan! This list is for: Special Education Parents, Caregivers, Advocates and Attorneys in the State of Michigan.   We will be discussing IEP's, ESY, Related Services, IDEA97, Michigan Revised Administrative Rules for Special Education, however, all topics related to Special Education are open for discussion. Together we can become better advocates for our wonderful children!





As the mom of a child with a rare metabolic disorder and developmental delays, I understand the need to connect with other special needs parents. Yet, I also understand the crazy schedules families have. I've created this group for parents and families in the Central Michigan area to connect, if not in person, then at least on the web.



S.T.E.P.S. A.H.E.A.D. Homeschool Association

Welcome to S.T.E.P.S. A.H.E.A.D. Homeschool Association! Our name stands for Sharing Together, Encouraging Personal, Supportive, Attachments for Homeschoolers in an Environment that is Active and Diverse and that is exactly what you'll get in this group! (A Michigan Group)



The Arc Grosse Pointe Harper Woods



Welcome to The Arc Grosse Pointe Harper Woods, Michigan Chapter, Listserv for Members!




The Arc Michigan



Welcome to The Arc Michigan Listserv! Everyone is welcome, please click on, "Join."  Our Mission:  The Arc Michigan exists to empower local chapters of The Arc to assure that citizens with developmental disabilities are valued and that they and their families can participate fully in and contribute to the life of their community.







Looking for information, input, support, etc. as a parent of a Type 1 Diabetic.   with the hope of looking for a support group of parents with the same challenges in Western Michigan, mainly Ottawa County.




(Unlocking Autism)Autism_in_Michigan



Do you know of or have a child or adult who has some form of Autism? This is a group ran by an Unlocking Autism Rep for Michigan. All said and done I'm a concerned parent trying to make things easier for our children & adults with autism  Together we can bring this issue to the forefront & let our politicians know that we have an epidemic of autism. Together we can get more schools, services & better understanding doctors for our children.







For homeschoolers living in Washtenaw County, Michigan (Saline, Ann Arbor, Dexter, Chelsea, Milan).   All homeschool discussion of grades K-12 welcome. School ideas, local event/activity listings and ideas to make and keep homeschooling fun and thoughtful. 




Wayne County Autism Society



Contact other parents and interested parties by joining on-line conversations and information sharing. Use this forum to ask other parents questions regarding your needs and leave valuable lessons learned for others.




Wayne County Home Educators

This group serves southeast Michigan Homeschoolers. We are here to give support to one another, plan events for our families, and ensure our kids make real friendships with other homeschooled kids. As a member of this group you are WELCOME to set up fieldtrips, activities, classes, anything you would like to share with other homeschoolers!! I hope you find the support you and your family are looking for!
Please take a minute to introduce yourself and meet some great people!!






Welcome to Wayne County Special Parents!  This is a *private* list for Parents and Caregivers of Special Needs/Special Education children living in the Wayne County in Michigan.



List compiled by bella@bridges4kids.org


**If you have a Michigan Listserv that you would like included on this list, please contact me at: bella@bridges4kids.org  Also, if you would like to use this information on your website, please do so, but please email me to let me know that you are doing this and what your web address is. Thanks! Bella**



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