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Last Updated: 01/15/2018

Article of Interest - New Legislation

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Bridges4Kids LogoGovernor Granholm Signs Law to Require Parental Notification of Pesticide Use
Press Release, Office of the Governor of Michigan, March 10, 2004
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Governor Jennifer M. Granholm today signed a new law requiring schools and day care centers to notify parents or legal guardians of children at least 48 hours in advance that pesticides will be applied to the school’s or center’s property. The facilities also will be required to give annual notice of pesticide use on the premises.

“I am pleased to sign this new law today to create a safer and healthier environment for Michigan’s children,” Granholm said. “This new law will protect children from coming into contact with chemicals and materials that could be hazardous to their health.”

The Governor said the law also contains provisions requiring that schools and day care centers prohibit children from entering areas where pesticides were applied until it is deemed safe. Pesticides that linger in a child’s “breathing zone” pose a risk that the child could become ill or develop long-term effects of pesticide exposure including neurological, respiratory, immune, or endocrine problems.

“Parents have the right to be notified when their children could be exposed to pesticides at their school or day care center so that they can make informed decisions about what to do, such as restricting a child’s access to certain areas or withholding the child from attending for a period of days,” Granholm said. “This new law arms parents with that knowledge, so they can protect their children as they see fit.”

The law requires schools and day care centers to post advance notice of pesticide application at the entrance to the facility and in public places inside the facility. The annual notice requirement allows parents to review facilities’ past pest management practices and applications.


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