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 Where to find help for a child in Michigan, Anywhere in the U.S., or Canada
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Last Updated: 02/23/2018

Contact Your Legislator Michigan's Legislature at your fingertips. Search through this session's legislation, check your legislator's voting record, or even stay updated by email as bills move through the legislature.


Visit to contact your local legislators. If you want to find out who represents you in the new 108th Congress, enter your nine digit zip code.  If you don't know your nine digit zip code, use the US Post Office's Zip4 lookup. It's fast - only takes about five seconds.  I promise it won't hurt a bit. If you already know who represents you, select them by name or state at our Congressional Directory.


Your Congress is the only site that combines irreverent articles, behind-the-scenes information, and the revolutionary Congress.  Watch tracking services to give everyone an easy and entertaining way to find out what's going on in Congress.


MI Citizen's Guide to State Government Available - A Citizens Guide to State Government is now available on-line! This comprehensive document includes contact information for all elected officials in Michigan, including photos, as well as committee lists and other valuable information about the legislative process. It is a MUST HAVE for legislative action! Print copies of the Citizen's Guide are available from your local Representative or Senator.


Download the list of contact numbers for U.S. Legislators - click here (pdf size=111kb)


Featured Website: Keep Kids Learning is dedicated to identifying, endorsing, and publicizing political candidates that support special education and other related issues that affect children with special needs. is currently operating in Montgomery County, Maryland. Among other things in 2002, organized, held a Board of Education Candidates forum on Special Education, endorsed Board of Education candidates, formed a Political Action Committee (PAC), and campaigned for endorsed candidates. We believe we are the first organization to endorse political candidates for supporting special education and special needs.


MI Updated Gongwer Directories to State Government Available Online

Updated directories of executive branch and legislative officials are online at the Gongwer Web site <>. The directories for House and Senate members include clickable icons for each member's email address, their office location and telephone and fax numbers. The directories for department directors include those agencies with acting directors who will take office later this year, and with a notation of who Governor Jennifer Granholm has designated as the new directors.

One-Click Activism
- It's a would-be activist's dream come true: Someone with kindred values monitors Congress and alerts you to significant votes. Better still, they draft a letter to your congressional delegation and ask if you'd like it faxed right away.


MI Campaign to Keep the Promise to Michigan's Children


ADVOCACY TOOLKIT: Ensuring the Success of all Learners - The time for advocacy on behalf of students is now. And the voice needed is yours. You may already be involved in efforts to change policies, programs, and perceptions to benefit learners. Such involvement is crucial for educators today, for when we do not create effective channels of communication with legislators, the media, and community members, others define the policy agenda. The consequences of such ill- informed efforts, even when well intentioned, can be devastating to children and learning. The stakes are simply too high for educators not to engage in advocacy efforts. This helpful toolkit offers tools including the basics for planning an advocacy campaign, tips for communicating with policymakers, and the nitty-gritty on communicating with the media.


The Office of Advocacy - the National Association of School Boards Legislative Action Agenda


National Governors Association (NGA) Center for Best Practices - The mission of the NGA Center for Best Practices is to help Governors and their key policy staff develop and implement innovative solutions to governance and policy challenges facing them in their states Through the staff of the NGA Center, Governors and their policy advisors can: quickly learn about what works, what doesn't, and what lessons can be learned from others grappling with the same problems; obtain assistance in designing and implementing new programs or in making current programs more effective; and receive up-to-date information about what is happening in other state capitals and in Washington, D.C., so Governors are better prepared to react to emerging issues.


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