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Last Updated: 02/23/2018

 Disability Information - Angelman Syndrome


General Information

Education & Classroom Accommodations

Michigan Resources, Support Groups, Listservs & Websites

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Articles Related to this Disability

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 General Information


Angelman Syndrome

Angelman syndrome is a neurological disorder characterized by severe congenital mental retardation, unusual facial appearance, and muscular abnormalities.


Symptoms of Angelman syndrome include unstable jerky gait, hand flapping, unusually happy demeanor, developmental delay, lack of or diminished speech, and microcephaly (small head). Epilepsy may develop in the early years of life, however it may decrease with age. Patients may also have balance problems.

Is there any treatment?

There is no standard course of treatment for Angelman syndrome. Physical therapy and adaptive devices may help patients with jerky gait. Early language evaluation and intervention is often recommended. Anticonvulsant medications may be prescribed for epilepsy.

What is the prognosis?

Most individuals with Angelman syndrome will have mental delay, severe speech limitations, and some type of gait abnormality. Patients may have improvement of symptoms with therapy.

From the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Institutes of Health


The Facts About Angelman Syndrome

(by the Angelman Syndrome Foundation, Inc.)
A brief explanation of Angelman Syndrome.


What is Angelman Syndrome?

Angelman Syndrome is not a disease, but a neurogenetic condition that cannot be cured, due to an anomaly on the maternal side of chromosome 15 (the half inherited from the mother).

Angelman Syndrome
Written by Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D.
Angelman Syndrome is not considered a subtype of autism, but individuals suffering from this disorder exhibit many behaviors characteristic of autism. They are also sometimes given a secondary diagnosis of autism.

Army of Angels
This site is here to do one of many small parts towards making the general public more aware of Angelman Syndrome in particular and genetic disorders in general. It is hoped that you will leave this site with a little more understanding of what Angelman Syndrome is and what you, a member of the global community, can help to do about it.

Angelman Syndrome Information


A Parents Brochure for Parents
Practical advice from a parent.


Angelman Syndrome From A to Z

Everything you ever wanted to know about Angelman Syndrome... and then some!



Welcome to Angeland. This is a place for brothers and sisters of kids with Angelman Syndrome to come and play. Stephanie Briggs and her mother have worked hard to make sure you have fun. You can learn more about Stephanie and other brothers and sisters later.


Disorder Zone - Angelman Syndrome


Who Named It? Angelman Syndrome


Angelman Syndrome National Walk-A-Thon

It is a goal of the Angelman Syndrome Walk-A-Thon to raise awareness of this genetic disorder by educating the public (i.e., medical community, educators, individuals) regarding Angelman Syndrome, its signs, symptoms, characteristics, diagnosis, treatments and research.


Art for Angels

Art for Angels is raising money to sponsor children with Angelman Syndrome in a new clinical study at San Diego Children's Hospital.


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 Education & Classroom Accommodations


Angelman Syndrome Handout on Education

Here are a few educational ideas for your child. This is a simple run down of your options, and each should be investigated thoroughly in your area. Other parents can be a great source of information and offer a wide range of opinions, so ask questions.


Hints and Ideas for Everyday Living for Parents of Angelman Children
The information presented here was originally presented at the July 5th, 1997 Seattle ASF Conference by Beth Sturr.


Angelman Syndrome Self Help Skills

One of the many issues we face as a parent or caregiver of a person with Angelman Syndrome is where do we start teaching our children, and what do we teach them? People with Angelman Syndrome will always need long term care, but we want our children to be as independent as possible.


Idea's on Different Forms of Speech


Different Idea's on Therapy You Can Do At Home


Behavior Modification


Do 2 Learn

...see, do and learn online. Activities to promote independence in individuals with special learning needs.


Exceptional Parent Magazine


LD Online


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 Michigan Resources, Support Groups, Listservs & Websites


Angelman Syndrome Foundation - Michigan Chapter
State Reps: Suzy Gavin   248-788-0947 & Betsey Stacks   517-524-6108


Michigan Angels page
The goal of this page is to educate and help people deal with Angelman Syndrome  on a daily basis. On this page you will find Education issues, Speech tips, respite help, therapy issues, Disability council for every state (states still being added) and behavior modification idea's.


Idea's on Respite For You and Your Family
by Emilie Mullins and Kathy Leonard
Since I am in Michigan I can only tell you about programs in my state. All of our respite care comes from our Community Mental Health Dept.  There are different types of respite available to families.


ASF Outreach and Educational Committee
The goal of our committee is to educate professionals, and parents on Angelman Syndrome. We think it's not only important to educate the general public and professionals but also parents that have children with Angelman Syndrome. Here is al list of current activities of the committee.


Michigan Parents of Children with Angelman Syndrome
Having kids with Angelman Syndrome is an ongoing battle sometimes and it really helps having a shoulder to lean on (or cry on) with someone who understands. All the parents I have spoken to have been more than happy to help, so if you need advice or anything please e-mail me and we will work on it!
Emilie Mullins -  Click here to E-mail Emilie
Kathy Leonard - Click here to E-mail Kathy 

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 National Resources & Websites


Nina Foundation


Angelman Syndrome Foundation, Inc.
Information about Angelman Syndrome and the Foundation for doctors and families.


International Angelman Syndrome Organization (IASO)

The IASO was founded as a world-wide 'umbrella' organization of national Angelman syndrome associations. It is politically neutral, with no discrimination as to race, sex, color or religion, and is non-profit-making. One of its main duties is to help translate and distribute written material on AS in several languages.


Australian Angelman Syndrome Association


The Canadian Angelman Syndrome Society

The Canadian Angelman Syndrome Society is dedicated to educating parents and professionals about AS and disseminating information about it.


Norwegian Society for Angelman Syndrome

The society shall work to improve the quality of life for persons with Angelman Syndrome (AS), as well as spread information about AS and act as a support to parents of persons with Angelman Syndrome.



ASSERT is a United Kingdom based support group. We are all volunteers who have direct contact with people with Angelman Syndrome. The majority of the trustee's are parents or relatives of children or adults with Angelman Syndrome.


Families of Angelman Syndrome

Hi, Welcome to this Club where families and friends of those who have Angelman Syndrome can share and give each other support on raising a child with Angelman Syndrome.


Heavens angels Angelman Syndrome

Trials and Tribulations of parenting an angel.


Angelman Syndrome On-Line Discussion Group

A list for parents of children who have Angelman Syndrome
To subscribe send message to:
In the body of the message type:
Subscribe ANGELMAN
*Note: Digest Available




Angelman Syndrome Bulletin Board

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 Articles Related to this Disability


Information is not available at this time.


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 Medical Information


NINDS Angelman Syndrome Information Page
From the: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke


OMIM Review of Angelman Syndrome


Gene Reviews - Angelman Syndrome

Includes a summary, diagnosis information, clinical description, differential diagnosis, management, genetic counseling, molecular genetics, resources, references, and author information.


How Do You Test for Angelman Syndrome?
This is a list of the five most common methods of testing for Angelman


Angelman Syndrome: Consensus for Diagnostic Criteria

From the American Journal of Medical Genetics


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 Books and Videos


"Angelman Syndrome From A to Z"

by Alice Evans & Julie Hyman

A compilation of tips, hints, and ideas on how to survive and enjoy daily life with a child with Angelman Syndrome. The collection of ideas come from parents, teachers, siblings and care givers of people with Angelman Syndrome from around the world.


The Man Who Would Be Dad

by Hogan Hilling

This story begins when Hogan and his wife's second child, Wesley, was born with Angelman Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. In this book the author confronts the question of "What is a real dad?" The answers are loud and clear; caring, playful, affectionate, and fully committed. In simple, eloquent, and knowing stories, the author, lets the reader understand that when it comes to raising kids, men only have one choice --be involved! it is not a chore, but a choice made out of love.


Angel Lady
by Ashleigh Evans

A children's book about a child with Angelman Syndrome. Takes four to six weeks from Amazon.


Living with Genetic Syndromes Associated with Intellectual Disability
by Marga Hogenboom



Prader-Willi Syndrome and Other Chromosome 15q Deletion Disorders
by Suzanne B. Cassidy



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