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Last Updated: 04/12/2018


 Frequently Asked Questions About Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), Behavior Difficulty, Sensory Issues, and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)


Frequently Asked Questions About Autism

What is Autism?


Are there degrees of autism?


What causes autism?


What is the difference between PDD and autism?


How is the diagnosis of autism made? Are there special tests my doctor can do to determine whether my child is autistic?


At what age can autism be diagnosed?


How can my child be assessed if he/she can not talk?


What is the difference between autism and PDD or PDD-NOS?


What is the best intervention for my child with autism/PDD? Can autism be cured?


What about medication for my child with autism?


If I have one child with autism, what are my chances of having another child with autism?


What is the prognosis for my child with autism/PDD?


Frequently Asked Questions About Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)


What are the characteristics that a person has to have to be diagnosed with PDD or Asperger's?


Who is allowed to diagnose a person with Asperger's or PDD?


Will my Doctor have heard about PDD or Asperger's?


Is it possible that more than one person in my family has PDD?


Should I do anything to prepare for my child being assessed?


What is the process involved in getting a diagnosis from a professional?


My child already has another diagnosis. Will that diagnosis remain if they are diagnosed with PDD?


What if I don't agree with the Doctor's diagnosis?


Where can I go to get a diagnosis?


Does it matter if my child is diagnosed with a specific PDD as opposed to PDD NOS?


Will a diagnosis of PDD or Asperger's work against my child in the future?


Who should I tell my child's diagnosis to?


Now that my child has been diagnosed, what's next?


Frequently Asked Questions About Autistic Behaviors


Is it autism or is my child being _____?


How do I handle my child with autism when he _____?


Why do children with autism often display these behaviors; compulsiveness, perfectionism, odd movements and a need for organization?


What is different about my child's sensory systems?


Is my child with autism being stubborn?


Why is Early Intervention important?


Frequently Asked Questions About Sensory Difficulties


My 13 month old daughter was diagnosed with this sensory integration dysfunction and is now receiving PT, OT, and Speech Therapy (Speech Therapy is for her oral-feeding difficulties as well as speech delay). I want to know very honestly if a child like mine receives these therapies early, what are the chances that she will be at normal functioning level and not "slow" when she reaches school age?


I am interested in learning about Sensory Integration dysfunction or disorder. My daughter (5 years old) has something going on and we are in process of getting tests and evaluations. A friend actually suggested SID as a possibility. I am overwhelmed on the Internet. Many sites were closed down or under construction. Do you have any information you can mail me to learn about sensory integration?


I am trying to find out how to get a copy of the federal law regarding education for the disabled child. Do you know how I can obtain a copy?


How do I know if my child has problems with sensory over-sensitivity?


What sights and sounds are most likely to cause sensory overload or confusion?


Why does my child avoid certain foods or always want to eat the same thing?


How do I toilet train my autistic child?


Why do some autistic children repeat back what an adult has said or sing TV commercials?


How should educators and parents handle autistic fixations on things such as trains or lines?


Frequently Asked Questions About Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)


So what is an ABA program?


What kind of progress can I expect?


I want my child to learn naturally, not behaviorally. ABA looks so unnatural.


Doesn't he need to go to school and play too?


What about diet, vitamins, and other therapies? Isn't it more important to treat the underlying cause?


Doesn't ABA lead to "robot-like" behavior?


Won't a mix of ABA and other good approaches work best for my child?


Is ABA appropriate for older children?


Won't placing so many demands on my child hurt our relationship?


Are there risks to using ABA?


Isn't the Lovaas method less than 50% effective?


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