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Assistive Technology

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starBridges4kids Featured Resource: Books Aloudstar

Books Aloud is an independent nonprofit organization located in San Jose, CA. Books Aloud tapes can be mailed anywhere within the United States. There is no charge for our services. We provide free audio book library services (via U.S. mail) for people who are unable to read printed books on their own, due to a physical, visual, or a learning disability. We try to make sure that we have "required reading" (core curriculum) books. Through our growing Sight & Sound program, we can often -- but, not always -- lend the printed book along with the audio book. Blind, visually impaired, learning or physically disabled individuals who are unable to read conventional print, hold a book, or turn the pages are eligible.


Michigan Alliance for Families has teamed up with Michigan Integrated Technology Supports to produce a parent/educator friendly AT guide.


Computer and Software Accessibility for the Disabled


Next Generation Wheelchair Lets Users Stand Up - Developed in Turkey, the Tek device allows paraplegics - those without the use of their legs - to perform everyday tasks from shopping in the supermarket to ironing with ease.


Creature Comforts: Assistance Animals Now Come in All Shapes and Species - What’s most striking about Ann Edie and her miniature guide horse, Panda, is that after the initial shock of seeing a horse walk into a cafe, or ride in a car, watching them work together makes the idea of guide miniature horses seem utterly logical. Even normal. So normal, in fact, that people often find it hard to believe that the United States government is considering a proposal that would force Edie and many others like her to stop using their service animals.


Software That Opens Worlds to the Disabled - One computer program would allow vision-impaired shoppers to point their cellphones at supermarket shelves and hear descriptions of products and prices. Another would allow a physically disabled person to guide a computer mouse using brain waves and eye movements.


Rental Robotic Suit Helps Disabled Walk - A robotic suit that reads brain signals and helps people with mobility problems became available this week to rent in Japan for 220,000 ($2,100 U.S.) a month — an invention that may have far-reaching benefits for the disabled and elderly.

People w/Disabilities Gaining Independence Through Video Games - Today’s video games serve a multitude of functions ranging from entertainment to exercise and even education. Now, three graduates from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Class of 2008 have created a game with an even more important purpose—to foster independence among disabled individuals.

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