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IEP Issues - Evaluation

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Independent Educational Evaluations: What? How? Why? Who Pays? by Wayne Steedman, Esq. - Parents and school personnel are often confused about what constitutes an independent educational evaluation (IEE) and how the evaluation is to be used. This article addresses what constitutes an IEE, the value of an IEE, what the law requires of school districts, and who is financially responsible for an IEE.


Get a Comprehensive Psychoeducational Evaluation of Your Child - Before you can make wise decisions about your child's special education program, you need accurate information about the child's strengths, weaknesses and educational needs.


Question: We have requested an independent educational evaluation and the school district has agreed to the doctor we have chosen. The district says it will pay up to $1000-1200 of whatever our private insurance doesn't cover. I thought that the IEE was supposed to be at public expense. Do I have to use my insurance? Answer:  Click here to see John's Answer.


Factors to Consider when Selecting an Expert by Rosemary Palmer, Esq.

Using an Expert as An Effective Resource by Jennifer L. Bollero, Esq. - Expert opinions are necessary in special education. No matter how knowledgeable they are about their disabled children, parents should rely on the opinions of trained professionals to help them make informed decisions about therapeutic and educational interventions. School districts will also rely on these professionals to help them design and deliver specialized education. All parties must recognize the important roles played by these professionals.

Observations from the Transom by Brice Palmer - Beyond the technical, legal, and ethical considerations of expert witness testimony is the continuing effort by education agencies and their legal counsel to restrict the ability of parent attorneys and advocates to adequately argue on behalf of disabled children and their parents.


bridges4kids Exclusive: Neuropsychological Evaluations Fact Sheet Now Available!


bridges4kids Exclusive: IDEA Protections for Evaluation & Assessment Now Available!


Read the article Parts 1 - 4: "What You Should Know about Evaluations" - Your school system, under IDEA and its state counterparts, is required to fully evaluate any child who may need special education services "in all areas related to the suspected disability, including, if appropriate, health, vision, hearing, social and emotional status, general intelligence, academic performance, communicative status, and motor abilities."


Mary's School Psychology Homepage - This site has a very nice description of the testing process for school evaluations.  The author is a Michigan School Psychologist.


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