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Last Updated: 02/01/2018

IEP Issues - Gifted Learners

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Prodigies Want to Change the World - Linguistically, they can't all understand one another. Yet, in the immense arena of the Indiana Convention Center, there's more than 130,000 square feet of exhibits created by students who have one thing in common: an innate affection for science. The 1,482 prodigies from 47 countries are competing in the 2006 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for $4 million in prizes -- including three $50,000 grand-prize college scholarships.

Study: Gifted Students Become Bully Magnets - Bullying in the gifted-student population is an overlooked problem that leaves many of these students emotionally shattered, making them more prone to extreme anxiety, dangerous depression and sometimes violence, according to a Purdue University researcher.


NV Nation's First Public School for the Gifted Scheduled to Open Next Year - This time next year a new public school for "profoundly gifted" students -- believed to be the first of its kind in the United States -- will be open at UNR. For purposes of this special school, profoundly gifted means those whose evaluations and test scores rank them in the 99.9th percentile, children whose IQs are 160 or higher -- a standard that only 1 in 10,000 students will meet, according to Keith Rheault, state superintendent of public instruction.


The Davidson Institute for Talent Development - Formed in 1999, the Davidson Institute is a 501(c)3 private operating foundation funded by Bob and Jan Davidson. Our mission is to recognize, nurture and support profoundly intelligent young people and to provide opportunities for them to develop their talents to make a positive difference.


NV Some New Help for the Extremely Gifted - Misha Raffiee is 10 years old. An eighth grader in her final year of private school here, she reads up to six books a month, plays violin and piano and asks so many questions that her teachers sometimes get angry at her.


AZ 'Twice-exceptional' Kids to Enter New Zuni Class - A new program that teaches students who are identified as both gifted and learning disabled will begin at Zuni Elementary School this fall.


MI Easy College Prep Classes Get the Boot - The quality of Advanced Placement programs is coming under scrutiny at a time when educators are pushing to strengthen the academic level of high school class offerings.


'Gifted' Label Comes With Baggage - Here are some letters about Fairfax County's gifted and talented (GT) program, sparked by Jacqueline Morgan's May 26 letter about how children are affected by not being designated as gifted.


Seven Stupid Arguments Against Programs For The Gifted - What does one do with and for students who have already achieved the benchmarks of the current educational standards? How can the school system address their diverse styles and needs when it must funnel so much time, energy, and resources into bringing all students up to a minimum standard of proficiency? Modifying the curriculum to enhance the growth of highly able students is not without benefit to other students, argues Frances R. Spielhagen & Bruce S. Cooper. It can result in vibrant curriculum initiatives that energize the entire school community.


Making Sure Gifted Pupils Succeed - Everyone in Gotham should be proud of 17-year-old David Bauer, the Hunter College High School senior who won the top prize in the national Intel Science Search competition. This is an achievement not just for David, but also for his family. After all, they had to work particularly hard to make sure that their son received the proper education in our public schools.


Online Courses Help Boost Advanced Placement Results - More students are taking--and passing--Advanced Placement (AP) exams in every part of the country, as college-level work in high school becomes increasingly common, the College Board reported Jan. 25. Many state education officials attribute the gains in participation at least in part to online courses that expand the reach of advanced-level instruction.


AP Test May Change Teaching - The Advanced Placement test, close to surpassing the SAT as the most popular examination in the country, is undergoing an adjustment designed to change not only high school teaching but the way introductory college courses are taught throughout the country, College Board officials said Tuesday.


AZ E-mail Classes Get an 'A' - Online program in Mesa credible, convenient, free. By the time Mark Chapman's former schoolmates reach their classrooms, the 18-year-old senior is sporting pajama bottoms in his living room, tackling an online algebra lesson through Mesa Distance Learning.


AUSTRALIA Developing a New Assessment for Aboriginal Gifted Children - A study organized by the University of New England, Armidale Catholic Schools and the Telstra Foundation will follow 28 Aboriginal children identified as gifted through an innovative assessment program. Before formally testing them, researcher Graham Chaffey gave children, many of whom were long-term underachievers, a two-hour intervention to break down socio-emotional barriers that usually led them to do poorly on assessments. [Free login/registration required.]


MI Bright Students Leap From Middle School to Classes at WMU - Eamonn Shirey is a busy eighth-grader. He plays hockey, runs cross country, goes to school and does homework -- about 16 hours' worth every week. He's a typical 13-year-old, but not a typical student. He wears braces, loves video games and jokes around with friends.


Wise Beyond Her Years - Monica Jain started college this fall at age 15, making her the youngest of Boston University's 29,000 students. The Arizona native rocketed through her school years, skipping kindergarten and the 6th grade, then finishing 11th and 12th grades at the same time.


"Multiple Intelligences" Theory Comes Under Fire - Although Harvard professor Howard Gardner's notion of multiple intelligences appeals to many teachers, numerous psychologists say that theory is not supported by research. Some educators believe Gardner's ideas led to the demise of ability groupings in schools, an approach they felt had helped meet the academic needs of the better students. [Free login/registration required.]


TX Brothers Complete High School Early, Graduate Together - Two overachieving brothers were among the Azle High School seniors graduating Friday night at the Fort Worth Convention Center. Robert Gobel, 17, graduated in his third year of high school, and Wayne Gobel, 15, graduated in his second. In addition to both brothers dealing with dyslexia and ADHD, Westin said that dysgraphia, an inability to write correctly, plagued Wayne. Cherie Gobel said that her sons did not do well in public school until after she home-schooled them for 2 1/2 years. Then, she said, they took off.


The Davidson Institute is a non-profit, national organization that offers resources to profoundly gifted young people from the ages 4-18 and their parents. The highly intelligent population was found to be the most underserved. These young people often test above 165 in IQ, and advance so quickly through standard curricula, that overworked, under-trained teachers often don’t have the time and ability to specialize attention and work plans for these children. The Davidson Institute offers free services to help recognize, nurture and support profoundly gifted young people and to provide opportunities for them to develop their talents in positive ways, creating value for themselves and society. We have an on-line library of full-text articles, links, reviews, and more about the research and thought on how to best serve the profoundly gifted population We offer free family consultation to parents needing information on how to facilitate their child’s educational needs, balanced with the socio-emotional needs of the child. We also offer financial assistance to young people who join our Young Scholars Program (free) to improve their education. The Davidson Institute also gives out a number of yearly fellowships of $50,000, $25,000, and $10,000 to young people who complete prodigious works that will benefit society

TN Tennessee Strengthening Services for Gifted Students - Intellectually gifted students will now have the option of taking more challenging courses online if the classes aren't offered at their schools. It's one of the ways the state is trying to improve and expand services to gifted students in Tennessee.


American Education Ignores Its Brightest Young Minds - For many of our most brilliant youngsters, school is a purgatory of boredom and lost opportunities. The new book, Genius Denied, calls for a major shift in thinking for teachers, administrators and policy-makers, and encourages school reform that focuses on attending to the educational needs of every student. The book outlines specific steps that students, parents, educators, mentors, patrons and policy-makers can take to make the system work - or to work around the system - in order to help gifted students achieve their potential.

MI Smart Kid? Skip High School - It's always been assumed that dropping out of high school is a bad thing, but a West Michigan lawmaker has a new twist on the drop out situation with the state picking up the tab.


Frequently Asked Questions on Giftedness - Who are the "profoundly intelligent"? What are some of the characteristics of profoundly intelligent children? How many profoundly intelligent young people are there? When and how should students be tested for giftedness? What are some of the developmental issues of profoundly intelligent children? What about schooling for profoundly intelligent young people? How do you parent a profoundly intelligent child? See if you agree with the answers provided on this interesting website. [Source: PEN]

Gifted Education/Dual Exceptionalities Resources - FAQs, digests, fact sheets, mini-bibliographies, discussion groups, links, and programs in your state that relate to gifted students and children with learning disabilities.

Organizations That Can Help Gifted Children - Organizations that provide information or assistance related to gifted children.

U.S. Schools, Facing Tight Budgets, Leave Gifted Programs Behind - Struggling with shrinking revenues and new federal mandates that focus on improving the test scores of the lowest-achieving pupils, many school districts across the country have turned to cutting programs for their most promising students.  


Essential Readings in Gifted Education: The National Association for Gifted Children series Essential Readings in Gifted Education is a 12 volume collection of important topics from Gifted Child Quarterly. Each book is $29.95. All 12 can be ordered as a set for $289.95. Call 800-8187243. Titles include:
- Definitions and Conceptions of Giftedness
- Identification of Giftedness
- Grouping and Acceleration Practices in Gifted Education
- Curriculum
- Differentiation
- Culturally Diverse and Underserved Students
- Twice-Exceptional and Special Populations (disabilities, disadvantages)
- Social/Emotional Issues, Underachievement and Counseling
- Artistically and Musically Talented Students
- Creativity and Giftedness
- Program Evaluation
- Public Policy

CA Age-13 Collegian Opening Way For Vouchers? - Single mother's lawsuit insists only university can meet his needs. In a case some believe could establish a legal precedent for school vouchers, the mother of a 13-year-old student attending a state university is suing California for not providing her son a free education according to law.


UT Meeting Needs of Gifted Students: Children Face Problems and Challenges Often Overlooked - Maria slept with books — not stuffed animals — and was reading well before kindergarten. Zach was reading instructions to board games and teaching peers how to play them at 5 years old. And Rebecca could say the alphabet and identify letters at 18 months.

Broward Parents Find Programs Inadequate for Gifted Children at Some Schools - Alex Ruiz began reading at age 3. Now the bilingual first-grader already is polishing off Harry Potter novels and adding four-digit numbers. His mother, Dalida, pulled him out of Peters Elementary in Plantation recently, opting for a new charter school. She says she couldn't get his previous school to give him the advanced academics he needs.


Featured Website: The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) - a non-profit organization of parents, teachers, educators, other professionals and community leaders who unite to address the unique needs of children and youth with demonstrated gifts and talents as well as those children who may be able to develop their talent potential with appropriate educational experiences.

Grouping Gifted Students - Can gifted students receive effective instruction in the regular classroom? Lisa Benson, a classroom teacher, observes that in her experience, gifted students quickly become frustrated in mixed-ability classes, especially those gifted students who exhibit a high degree of creativity. Further, she believes that the typical large classroom lacks the necessary resources to serve all students well. Do most researchers agree with this practitioner's assessment? John Holloway's reviews current research on ability grouping in classrooms and concludes that schools have many options for meeting the needs of gifted students in both homogeneous and mixed-ability grouping arrangements. 


MD Putting Students to a Big Test - New Prince George's County schools chief André J. Hornsby will require students in the eighth and ninth grades to take the PSAT, a national test designed for eleventh-graders preparing for the SAT college-entrance exam. [Source]


12-year-old Boy Trades His Crayons for Craniums - "You don't need any bones today? No bones?" Kyung Yano asks her quiet, spectacle-wearing 12-year-old, who shakes his head "no" as they head out their apartment door. She wants to make sure he isn't supposed to take his samples of spinal bones and a human skull to class, where he's learning about human anatomy.


Online Learning a Virtual Revolution - Taking classes on the Internet is the fastest-growing segment of higher education.


Study: Music Helps Kids' Verbal Memory - Remember those piano lessons you hated, or those dreaded hours practicing the violin? It turns out they might have gotten you better test scores.


Macomb Academy of Arts & Sciences (Macomb County, MI) - School for academically gifted or talented students; click here for information on their student selection process. "Meeting the needs of the academically talented with a curriculum of integration and application."


The Institutes For The Achievement of Human Potential: - Serving children by teaching parents how to enhance the development of their children based upon proven brain research and documented results with both well and brain-damaged children.


Big market for tutoring - Popularity of learning centers climbs with test scores.


California Association for the Gifted - This website contains a comprehensive listing of resources for anyone interested in furthering the education of a gifted child. 


This Gifted Resources Page contains links to all known online gifted resources, enrichment programs, talent searches, summer programs, gifted mailing lists and early acceptance programs, including CTY, EPGY, CTD, NRC/GT, TIP, RMTS, ERIC, NCSSSMST, Odyssey of the Mind, and many, many others. It contains links to 4+ years of TAG-L mailing list archives (over 10 MB). It also contains contact information for many local gifted associations and government (mostly US state) programs.
The National Foundation for Gifted and Creative Children was formed over 30 years ago. The main goal of The Foundation was to get much needed information to the parents of gifted children. The need is still there. Many gifted children are being destroyed in the public education system. Many gifted children are being falsely labeled with ADD as well as ADHD. And many parents are unaware their child/children could be potentially gifted.

ADHD and Giftedness: What Do We Really Know?


Read the article "Gifted students in Troy get chance to excel at early age" - District expands program to 1st grade.

Read the article from USA Today - Some can sail over high school


Marc Sheehan's Special Education/Exceptionality Page -



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