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Last Updated: 02/01/2018

 IEP Issues - Math Resources

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Need Help With Class? YouTube Videos Await - When University of Central Florida junior Nicole Nissim got stumped in trigonometry, she checked out what was showing on YouTube. It turned out YouTube was full of math videos. After watching a couple, the psychology major says, she finally understood trig equations and how to make graphs.


Math Resources: offers tip sheets for basic math all the way through calculus in a well-organized way. offers student-created tip sheets for adult math learners, complete with cheerful music to keep you relaxed while surfing.


Russ Rowlett's "Names for Large Numbers" page, at - This is a clear, jargon-free discussion of what big numbers are called and how they got their names, what they're called in other countries and what they could be called under a proposed Greek naming system.

Resource from a parent: "A math program that moved my son right out of the resource room was Touch Math."  Find out more about Touch Math at:


The On Cloud Nine™ Math: A Visualizing/Verbalizing Math Program developed by Kimberly Tuley and Nanci Bell, successfully stimulates the ability to image and verbalize the concepts underlying math processes. Concept and Numeral imagery are integrated with language and applied to math computation and problem solving. There is emphasis on both mathematical reasoning and mathematical computation. Individuals of all ages learn to do and enjoy math.  You can find out more about On Cloud Nine Math at:



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