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State & Federal Legislation


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Current & Recent Legislation

MI New Legislation on Autism Coverage Introduced in MI Senate - (MIRS June 1, 2011) Autism spectrum disorders would be covered by health insurance plans in Michigan under legislation introduced on Wednesday by state Sen. Mike Green (R-Mayville). Then-Rep. Brian Calley worked with then-House Minority Floor Leader Kathy Angerer (D-Dundee) during last year's lame duck session to pass a similar bill. They were not successful in the Republican-controlled Senate. "Autism disorders are more commonly diagnosed in children than cancer, diabetes and AIDS combined," Green said. "One in every 110 kids is diagnosed with autism, yet 80 percent of them don't get adequate treatment because it's excluded from coverage." According to research advanced by advocates, the early diagnosis and treatment of autistic disorders results in 50 percent of patients recovering typical functions, helping them to have full lives. Other states have demonstrated that early intervention also reduces the need for K-12 special education services, saving an estimated $200,000 per child.


House Passes the ADA Amendments Act; Bill Now Cleared for the President’s Signature - On Sept. 17th, the House unanimously passed legislation to amend the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and overturn a series of Supreme Court decisions that had narrowed the scope of the law in recent years. The bill unanimously passed the Senate on September 11 and is now on its way to the White House where the President is expected to sign it into law as early as next week.


The Current and Future State of Mental Health Insurance Parity Legislation (PDF) - Health insurance plans typically provide less coverage for mental health and chemical dependency treatment than for general medical services. In 1996 the federal government responded to these inequities by passing the Mental Health Parity Act, requiring equal annual lifetime dollar limits for mental health benefits. However, provisions within the law are easily circumvented, rendering it relatively ineffective as implemented. The Senator Paul Wellstone Mental Health Equitable Treatment Act of 2003 measures (S. 486 & H.R. 953) currently in Congress would expand the language and effectiveness of the Mental Health Parity Act. This paper reviews the limitations of both the 1996 federal law and existing state laws, and explains why federal action to expand the Mental Health Parity Act is so critical to people with mental illnesses.


MI School Lockdown Training Bills Move To Floor - The Michigan House Education Committee moved legislation that would require schools to perform two lockdown drills every school year.


MI The following bill was signed into law on Thursday, November 10, 2005: HB 5110, sponsored by Rep. Jerry Kooiman (R-Grand Rapids), allows certain before-and-after school programs to fall into the category of a day care center, lifting regulatory barriers and allowing the state to oversee the organization. HB 5110 also redefines a school age as one enrolled kindergarten or above but less than 13 years old.


MI Gov Granholm Signs Kevin’s Law, Creates New Treatment Options for Mentally Ill - Governor Jennifer M. Granholm signed legislation that will improve care for Michigan citizens with severe mental illness. The new law will allow courts to order treatment for individuals with serious mental illness who do not meet the current criteria for involuntary hospitalization but who need outpatient mental health treatment to protect themselves and others.


MI House Bill 6055 (2004) The Playground Equipment Safety Act - An act to regulate the manufacturing, and assembling, and maintenance of public playground equipment; and to provide penalties.


MI Bill Aimed at Stopping Restraint Injuries - An autistic teenager dies after being restrained at Parchment High School. A Saginaw student perishes a few months later in what state Rep. Alexander Lipsey calls "remarkably similar" circumstances. Lipsey planned today to introduce legislation that would restrict when and how school personnel can physically restrain students and require extensive training for those involved.


MI Character Education: Senate Bill 0222 of 2003 - Senate Bill 0222 of 2003 would amend 1976 PA 451 (MCL 380.1-380.1852) by adding sec. 1163 to require the Michigan Department of Education to develop a model character education plan and encourage schools to provide.


MI Governor Granholm Signs Law to Require Parental Notification of Pesticide Use - Governor Granholm signed a new law requiring schools and day care centers to notify parents or legal guardians of children at least 48 hours in advance that pesticides will be applied to the school’s or center’s property. The facilities also will be required to give annual notice of pesticide use.


MI House Panel Ponders Classroom Purchase Tax Exemptions - Today, the House Tax Policy Committee took testimony on a pair of bills (HB 4261 and HB 4525) that would create tax breaks for teachers and school administrators who spend their own money to purchase supplies for their classroom. The idea has appeared in the form of legislation during previous sessions but has never been enacted. The impression emerging from today's hearing was that the legislation is a work in progress. (1-04)


Home Lead Safety Tax Credit Act of 2003 (Introduced in Senate) [S.1228.IS] A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide a tax credit for property owners who remove lead-based paint hazards.  Sponsor: Senator Clinton, Hillary Rodham [NY] (introduced 6/10/2003) Co-sponsor: Senator DeWine, Michael - 6/10/2003 [OH]


NC Legislature gives final approval to 'Kaitlyn's Law' - Legislation that would bar day care employees from giving medicine to children without a parent's written permission won the Legislature's final approval Friday.

MI HB 4721: Michigan House Introduces Bill to Expand Powers of Principals (5-03)


MI HB 4719: Michigan House Introduces Bill to Allow Schools to Collect Funding for Distance Learning Students (5-03)


MI Read the Text of the "Ritalin Bill" passed by the Michigan House

MI Bill to Allow School Employees Retirement Service Credit for Hours Instead of Days Passes Michigan House - Read the House Fiscal Agency Analysis.  HB 4453 of 2003, which allows public school employees to participate in the state's public school retirement system with 1,002 hours of service per year instead of 170 days of service, was passed by the Michigan House of Representatives on May 14, 2003.


Coalition Expresses Concern Over House Bill That May Prevent Communication Between Teachers and Parents - Six mental health advocacy organizations, including CHADD, have teamed up to express concern over H.R.1170 (The Child Medication Safety Act) introduced by Representative Max Burns (R-GA) and 14 cosponsors. Cosponsors include Speaker of the House, Dennis J. Hastert (R-IL), Chairman of the House Committee on Education and Workforce, John Boehner (R-OH), and former Chair of the House Committee.


MI Michigan Senate OKs School Flexibility Bill - Districts have greater flexibility in spending at-risk money under legislation the Senate passed 37-0.


MI State Senator to Unveil Lead-Testing Plan - Every Michigan child who lives in or spends substantial time in a house built before 1978 would be tested for lead poisoning under legislation state Sen. Clarke, D-Detroit, plans to introduce within the next few weeks.


Check out this free, online book which details current legislation and public policy:  Michigan in Brief: 2002–03 provides useful information about the state and an objective look at more than 40 public policy topics of current concern to Michigan residents and their elected representatives. The issues are treated in sufficient depth to be useful to the well-informed yet written plainly enough to be understood by non-experts. Each policy topic presentation has four parts: a glossary; background information; discussion of policy options, including a balanced, nonpartisan presentation of various viewpoints; and sources of additional information, including telephone and FAX numbers as well as Web sites where available.


Federal Legislation


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