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Last Updated: 03/12/2018


 Article of Interest - Accreditation

Education Board Considering Changes to Accreditation

from Gongwer News Service, 11-7-02
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The State Board of Education had been working on ways to meld the Education YES! accreditation system and the federal No Child Left Behind Act into a single system. But after discussions with former U.S. Department of Education official Sandy Kress Wednesday, the board is considering a proposal to have the federal NCLB act as a modifier for the accreditation system rather than a part of it.

Under Mr. Kress' proposal, each school would be given a grade based solely on the criteria in Education YES!, but then would have that grade amended by the school's ability to meet the adequate yearly progress requirements of the federal law.

The earlier proposal for dealing with NCLB was to use its adequate yearly progress standard as part of the performance change score in Education YES!, but Mr. Kress indicated that would not be appropriate. And he recommended that the Department of Education adopt fully the federal standard rather than trying to seek modifications to make it more easily comply with the state system.

That discussion leaves the board ready to adopt the structure for Education YES! at its next full meeting Thursday, November 14, as well as cut scores for the elementary and middle schools on the Michigan Educational Assessment Program-based parts of the system.

But outgoing Board Secretary Michael Warren (R-Beverly Hills) registered concern Thursday that there was not any deadline for actually issuing report cards to schools. "We're not going to have cut scores until next year," he said. "It's very unclear whether it's January or February or March or the end of the Granholm term."

And, as he has before, he warned that the board and the department could lose control of the process if the grades are not in place quickly. "The new governor and the Legislature are going to lose patience," he said.

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