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 Article of Interest - Mediation

An Explanation of Special Education Mediation From the Oakland County Mediation Center

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What is Mediation?


In 1996, the Michigan Department of Education established a wonderful program for schools and parents to utilize, namely, mediation. The mediation program is designed to resolve conflict between parents and schools without the use of due process hearings. Mediation has proven to be effective because it provides a neutral forum for parties to communicate their interests and propose realistic solutions to their problems. A neutral person called a mediator or facilitator assists the parties in this process.

Why try Mediation?

Mediation is FREE of cost to schools or parents; a due process hearing costs $40,000 per hearing.
Mediation can be requested at an MET, IEP meeting or prior to a due process hearing.
It allows the disputing parties to reach their own resolution.

Any agreement made in mediation can be included in the studentís IEP program.
Improves relationships between parents and schools.

It allows de-escalation of conflict.

Mediation is confidential.

What Oakland Mediation Center offers?

FREE special education mediations
FREE MET or IEP facilitations
FREE presentations
FREE conflict resolution workshops

Who Can I Contact For More Information?


Camelia Ureche
Manager, Specialty Mediation & HR
Oakland Mediation Center
550 Hulet Drive, Suite 102
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302
Tel. (248) 338-4280, extension 11
Fax. (248) 338-0480


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