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Last Updated: 02/23/2018

 Article of Interest - Special Education Law

Congressman Boehner's E-Bulletin: Updating Our Nation's Special Ed Law

from Congressman John Boehner's Weekly E-Bulletin, December 27, 2002
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This week, we conclude our preview of the issues the House Committee on Education and the Workforce plans to tackle during the 108th Congress. Today I’d like to focus on a major legislative reauthorization slated for 2003: updating our nation’s special education law.


This year, Congress is scheduled to review America’s special education law, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) - the primary federal law to serve children with special needs. As Chairman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, I believe improving IDEA is a top priority as we work to meet President Bush’s call to ensure no child is left behind in our education system. 


In preparation for our work to reauthorize IDEA, my committee has unveiled a new website asking for recommendations from teachers, parents, school officials, students, and others on how to reform and strengthen the special education law. A link to this website – which we’ve dubbed “Great IDEAs” – can be found at the House Education Committee’s website -


This site will help our committee members collect input on ways to improve educational results for students with special needs and to address the growing shortage of high-quality special education teachers.


In the 107th Congress, the Education Committee held a series of ambitious hearings on what steps need to be taken to ensure that children with special needs are not left behind. And out of those hearings came several themes that will guide our special education review in the 108th Congress.


Among the themes:

- Increasing accountability and improving education results for students with disabilities;

- Reducing the paperwork burden;

- Improving early intervention strategies;

- Reducing overidentification/misidentification of nondisabled children, including minority youth;

- Encouraging innovative approaches to parental involvement and parental choice;

- Supporting general education and special education teachers;

- Rewarding innovation and improved education results;

- Restoring trust and reducing litigation;

- Ensuring school safety; and

- Reforming special education finance and funding.

As we prepare to reauthorize IDEA, we also understand that making education reform work requires a partnership between parents, teachers, principals, and elected leaders. That is why the Great IDEAs website is such a valuable tool for me and my committee colleagues.


I urge you to join in building this partnership by using the Great IDEAs website to reach out and provide your feedback on this very important education issue. Once again, you can link to the Great IDEAs website by visiting the Committee on Education and the Workforce’s home page at



As we prepare to celebrate the arrival of the year 2003, I wish you, your
friends, and your family a safe, healthy, and happy New Year!

Soon after the New Year, the House and Senate will return to Capitol Hill to convene the 108th Congress. I look forward to keeping you updated on our agenda and key votes through the Weekly E-Bulletin. As always, I want to hear from you if you have input on what we are doing in Washington, DC.

In the meantime, enjoy the remainder of the holiday season!

Your comments are appreciated. Contact John Boehner’s Hamilton District Office at 8200 Beckett Park Drive, Suite 202, Hamilton, OH 45011, 513-870-0300, or 1-800-582-1001.

For more information on the Eighth District and issues before Congress, visit


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