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Last Updated: 02/23/2018

Article of Interest - Transition & Future Planning

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"My Future My Plan" Curriculum Featured on Oprah Winfrey Show Monday October 20
from the National Center on Secondary Education and Transition
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We have just been informed that the new My Future My Plan Curriculum developed by the National Center on Secondary Education and Transition (NCSET) and State of the Art, Inc. will be profiled on Oprah this coming Monday October 20th, 2003. It will be included as one segment that is part of a show on the larger issue of discrimination.

We would like to share this information with as many people as possible. If you belong to other listservs or email groups that could benefit from seeing the show, please share this information with them.

To find out more about when the Oprah Winfrey show will be aired in your area Monday night, go to and select your state.

NCSET is the lead distributor for this curriculum. Information and order forms are now available on the NCSET Web site at  We will have a curriculum preview available in the near future on this page which will provide more extensive information on My Future My Plan.

The curriculum includes a Teacher/Parent Guide, A Student Notebook,  and a videotape. The cost for the package is $65. The cost for the video tape only is $25.

For more information on the contents of the curriculum, visit the official My Future My Plan Web site at

We are thrilled about the opportunity to have this profiled to a national and perhaps international audience. We hope you will have a chance to watch the show!


Oprah Winfrey Web Site - When and Where is Oprah On

NCSET Web Site - Overview and Order Form

My Future My Plan Web Site



Gerardine Wurzburg, Academy Award winning producer and director, will appear on Oprah, Monday, October 20, 2003. Monday’s program addresses the issue of discrimination towards individuals with disabilities. Wurzburg, president and owner of State of the Art, Inc., is known for producing and directing documentaries about current topics and trends in education, health, social justice and contemporary history.

Wurzburg talks with Oprah about her documentary “Graduating Peter,” the follow-up to her Oscar winning 1992, HBO special “Educating Peter.” Oprah shows clips from both films. Both films chronicle the journey of Peter Gwazdauskas, a young man with Down syndrome, one of the first students with severe disabilities to attend classes at his southern Virginia elementary school. Oprah openly discusses discrimination with the Gwazdauskas family and Wurzburg.

Excerpt from Oprah
Oprah: Why did you want to go inside Peter's life?
Gerry Wurzburg, the filmmaker: At the time we started filming Peter, it was very unusual for a kid like Peter to be fully included in a regular classroom. Frankly, no one knew what that would be like. As it turned out, for the first, time Peter was accepted.

End excerpt.

Oprah highlights Peter’s progress, from when he first starts as an atypical third grader, in a typical classroom. Peter’s story is full of challenges: the films are comprised of scenes that show him confronting depression, loneliness and the limitations of his disability—deficient speech and communication skills, and dismissive attitudes and lack of respect. They also show Peter making social strides, gaining acceptance from his peers. Oprah extends her gratitude for those on the frontlines fighting for Peter’s rights, especially his mother Judy, who has been engaged in constant battle to build the best future for her son.

After graduating high school with a Certificate of Attendance, Peter, like many others with disabilities, continues to face great challenges, when it comes to planning the life they want after high school. Wurzburg has continued her passion of helping those with disabilities, by creating a Transition Planning resource for life after high school. My Future My Plan is a video based curriculum that includes a video, video discussion guide, and a planning and resource notebook for students, and a guide to the notebook for family members and teachers. This curriculum is designed to inform students with disabilities and their families about the transition planning process and encourage them to use this process to achieve their goals for life after high school. My Future My Plan was funded by the Department of Education and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

For more information on any of these programs please go to


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