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 Article of Interest - Chelation Therapy

My Experience with Chelation
by Hai Dang
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My older son turned eight-years-old in October 2002. My wife and I have another three-year-old son. Both of them are the light of our life. We live in a small town in Florida.

Both of my sons' births were without any complications. However, my older son could not open both of his index fingers for the first six months. He was constantly sick and did not progress as other kids of his age. I guess he could be classified as having classic autism because he never progressed, then regressed. He did not progress at all. From the outside, he looked normal and is a very handsome boy.

At his six-year-old Battelle Developmental evaluation by a local school psychologist in April 2000, his communication level was determined to be that of a 12-month-old boy. This was despite my wife and I working with him 50 to 60 hours a week since he turned three. At six-years-old, my older son could only call my wife "mom" and was completely nonverbal. We sold our successful business and most of our other assets to pay for his expensive medical and therapy bills.

Forwarding to the next two years, he is now eight year old, in a regular second grade without any aids, and the youngest brown belt of Kempo Karate (all his classmates are between 11 and 14 years old normal kids). These are not bad achievements for a kid that could not hold a spoon to eat just two years ago.

How did he recover in this short time? My only known answer is Mercury chelation. Do I oppose vaccination? No. Do I think that Mercury in vaccines had caused my son autism? I do not know. Could my older son's recovery be a miracle? Well, according to my older son's school psychologist, it was a miracle. Every time I talked to her, she continued to tell me that my son's recovery was a miracle.

I can go on and on talking about all the things that we have encountered as parents of two children with autism. However, I understand that you must have known because your son is much older than mine. I can only share with you how removing Mercury, Lead and Arsenic out of both my sons' brains have helped them. Chelation of any toxic chemicals (with the exception of lead) have always considered as quack medicine by the established medical community. I have to admit that I was first very skeptical of this method being a cure of autism (well, Mercury toxic children). I did want to get rid of my sons' autism. I firmly believe that is the way they are. However, my goal was to remove the toxic chemicals residing in their brains. I too would want my parents to chelate me if I have those toxic chemicals in my brain.

Chelation is not an easy process and required a lot of hard work and attention. We have been detoxifying both of our children for the last one-and-one-half year. We use Andy Cutler's protocol with three days on and eleven days off. Neither of us have any educational background in Chemistry or in medically related fields. As far as my concerns, I am not an authority to tell anyone how to treat his or her children of mercury toxicity. Nevertheless, until the medical community can tell us (parents with children with autism) what have caused autism, I think we should try Mercury chelation. I do hope to see positive results of Mercury chelation on other children with autism as I continue to see on both of mine.

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