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Last Updated: 03/18/2018


 APBS: General Information & Membership Information

The Association For Positive Behavior Support (APBS)
P.O. Box 328 Bloomsburg, PA 17815
Tel: (570) 389-4081

Fax: (570) 389-3980
APBS 2003 Membership Form

What Is Positive Behavior Support?
Positive behavior support (PBS) is an approach to intervention derived from social, behavioral, educational, and biomedical science to achieve reduction in problem behavior and improved quality of life.  Positive behavior support is applicable across contexts and with diverse populations.  The critical features of PBS include comprehensive lifestyle change, life-span perspective, ecological validity, stakeholder participation, and social validity.


PBS is unique in its focus on systems change and use of multi-component intervention guided by functional behavior assessment. Emphasis is placed on prevention, environmental redesign and instruction. As an approach for addressing concerns of behavioral adaptation, PBS has expanded rapidly from its beginnings in developmental disabilities to include many additional populations, disciplines, and units of analysis. PBS has become the approach of choice for individuals with diverse characteristics and for a great range of circumstances and challenges in school and community settings.


As the constituencies involved with Positive Behavior Support have grown over time, there has been an increased sense that an organization centered on the adoption and utilization of PBS is needed to unite these communities and assist in the promotion and continuing development of the discipline.


What Is The Association For Positive Behavior Support?
The Association for Positive Behavior Support is an international organization dedicated to the advancement of positive behavior support. APBS strives to expand application of this approach with children, adolescents, and adults with problem behavior.


The Association is made up of professionals, family members, trainers, consumers, researchers, and administrators who are involved and interested in PBS. APBS, as a unifying home for these Mission and Vision of APBS The following proposed Mission and Vision statements are presented for member consideration. Members and interested individuals are invited to visit the APBS website, and share their comments and feedback regarding the Mission and Vision of the Association on the APBS bulletin board.


Proposed Mission of the Association for APBS
The mission of APBS is to help individuals improve their quality of life, and reduce problem behaviors, by advancing the development and use of positive behavior support. Proposed Vision of the Association for Positive Behavior Support (APBS) Positive behavior support is an approach derived from social, behavioral, and biomedical science that is applied at the individual and/or systems level to achieve reduction in problem behaviors and improved quality of life.


Problem behaviors, such as aggression, self-injury, bullying, insubordination, disruption, vandalism, withdrawal, non-responsivity and truancy continue to be among the most common reasons why people with and without disabilities are excluded from typical home, school, work and community contexts. Problem behaviors function as barriers to the development of social relationships, employment, academic achievement, functional life-skills, self-determination, health, and safety. Public policy in the areas of prevention, early intervention, education, adult services and family support has moved to emphasize the active inclusion of all individuals in typical social and cultural contexts, and the direct guidance of support options by self-advocates and their families. Problem behaviors remain a major barrier to achieving individuals from various communities and backgrounds, is a multidisciplinary association seeking members from all fields with interests in behavior support.


APBS will be directed by a 12 member board to be elected in July 2003. Nominations for board membership will be solicited from members in the near future. these public policy goals, and to achieving the personal visions of individuals with and without disabilities and their families. Positive behavior support is a practical and effective response to the challenges posed by problem behaviors. The vision for APBS is to develop, disseminate, and continuously evaluate positive behavior support practices, systems, and outcomes. We believe that positive behavior support is an effective approach that is applicable across contexts with all people, and is of specific value for advocates (including self-advocates), families, and all professionals who work with individuals with problem behavior. We believe that if positive behavior support practices and systems are made more readily available, the result will not simply be reduction in problem behaviors, but a dramatic improvement in the quality of the lives led by individuals receiving support.


APBS has been created to emphasize the importance of developing and disseminating positive behavior support for all children, adolescents, and adults whose lives are affected by problem behavior.

What will APBS Do?
The Association for Positive Behavior Support will be an active body, focusing its attention on dissemination, education, and public policy efforts. It will:

Serve as an international forum for individuals interested in PBS
Host a conference every two years

Support and promote the Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions
Publish a quarterly newsletter
Manage and link websites on PBS practices, systems and examples
Engage in policy development around the provision of behavior support
Establish a directory of members to facilitate interaction among individuals interested in positive behavior support practices
Work to establish national standards that define competency in the application of positive behavior support


What Are The Benefits of Membership?
Members will receive:
Subscription to The Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions ($43.00 value)
Subscription to the quarterly APBS Newsletter
Discounted registration for future PBS Conferences
Opportunities to vote on business matters and elect members of the board
Opportunities to collaborate with other APBS members on organizational activities
Access to state of the art information and materials for use in the field

How Can I Be Involved?
Complete the APBS 2003 Membership Form. Membership materials are also available on our website,, or contact the APBS office at (570) 389-4081 to have a form sent to you.


2003 Membership fees:
Special inaugural membership: $50.00 annually, available until June 30, 2003
Regular membership: $70.00 annually, beginning July 1, 2003
Student membership: $35.00 annually, ongoing

Become a leader: The Association for Positive Behavior Support is currently being shaped through the activities of four working action groups. APBS will be soliciting nominations for the formal election of an executive board. If interested in participating in an action group or exploring other leadership opportunities, please contact Tim Knoster (Executive Director of APBS) via the APBS website or at (570)389-4081.

Encourage the training of professionals skilled in PBS practices through the development of training materials, and the embedding of PBS content in relevant professional certificate and degree programs
Promote access to state-of-the-art books and literature pertaining to PBS

APBS 2003 Membership Information
2003 Membership Fees
Special inaugural membership: $50.00 annually, available until June 30, 2003
Regular membership: $70.00 annually, beginning July 1, 2003
Student membership: $35.00 annually, ongoing
The Inaugural Member rate is available only until June 30, 2003. Those joining after June 30, 2003 must join as a Regular or Student Member.

Student Membership
Student members are full-time undergraduate or graduate students, residents, or interns. Students must complete verification of full-time student, intern, or resident status on their Membership Form.

Member Benefits

  • Opportunities to vote on business matters and elect members of the board

  • Subscription to The Journal on Positive Behavior Interventions*

  • Subscription to the quarterly APBS Newsletter

  • Discounted registration for future APBS Conferences

* Individuals who are already subscribers to the Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions may choose to receive, for the duration of their current subscription, either a second copy of JPBI or may transfer their subscription to any other PRO-ED journal on an issue-by-issue basis. See the attached PRO-ED flyer for a list of PRO-ED journals. At the end of the current subscription, the subscription to JPBI will be automatically renewed at no cost to the member.

How to Become a Member
To become a member of the Association for Positive Behavior Support, mail a completed Membership Form with payment and supporting documentation (if needed) to the APBS office. Those paying by credit card may fax their Forms.

To download a membership form click here, visit the APBS website at, or contact the APBS office.

Mailing address: The Association for Positive Behavior Support, P.O. Box 328, Bloomsburg, PA 17815

Fax: (570) 389-3980 Telephone: (570) 389-4081 


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