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Last Updated: 04/12/2018


Article of Interest - Books for Kids

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Bridges4Kids LogoJel Publishing: Books Designed for Children with Disabilities
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"Sara Small Gets Dressed For School"
Sara needs to get dressed for school with your students help. Sara will ask the student specific questions on each page. The student will be able to respond either through response cards or by finding the items Sara has asked for. There is a prop of Sara for the student to dress throughout the story. This story is about distinguishing between big and small. The clothes that are too big will not stay on Sara they fall off, giving the illusion of being to big. The children can dress her using the velcro clothes.

"Snowballís Easter Egg Tree"
Snowball is a little rabbit that is busy filling his tree with pretty Easter eggs. Snowball asks the student to find a certain color egg for the tree. Each page has three eggs on it for the child to choose from. Only the appropriate egg is removable. This story focuses on colors. Because only the appropriate egg is removable the student can gain confidence in being correct with each question. There is a prop of Snowball and a tree prop to put the colored eggs on. $ 19.95

"Snowball Plants A Garden"
Snowball is busy planting a garden but needs assistance. He is unable to reach his seeds or he has become too tired! He asks the student for specific help on each page. The students pick grass to clean the field for planting. They plant the seeds in the field using velcro props and watch their garden grow! Snowball reminds them to water their vegetables so they will grow! Once their vegetables have grown they can pick the vegetables! This book as with the others is very interactive. Additional props include Snowball, seeds, vegetables, a watering can and shovel. $ 20.95

"My Word Wall Book"
This book focuses on support words. It covers support words from A to Z. This is another good book for a student that will be integrated in general education. The book comes with 15 support words that attach using velcro cards. Additional support word sets can be purchased separately. $ 18.95; words sets: 10 words per set $ 9.95 each

"My Daily Schedule Book 1 "
This book is designed to help a child plan his/her day. There are twenty-three school icons with a picture and a one-word description. They simply velcro on their icons according to their schedule for the day. As they accomplish each task they can remove the icon and place it on the "all done" page! This is a great visual aid start to their day. The students I have worked with enjoyed putting together their schedule. It gives them the ability to visually see what is expected of them and that everything has an ending. I find that this is a great tool for children with regulatory disorders. Being able to organize their day helps them to organize their bodies. $ 16.95

" My Daily Schedule Book 2"
This book serves the same purpose as "Book 1" except it has a bit more speech. This book is designed to help expand on the studentís speech and move beyond one-word descriptions. . It helps build from the words they have already learned in"Book 1 ". $ 16.95

"Vowel Sounds Book 1"
(books sold separately)
"Vowel Sounds Book 2"
This book is ideal for a student entering into first grade. Each page has a picture of a three-letter word with the vowel missing. On the bottom of each page there are three vowels to choose from. The student can pick his/her choice and attach it in the appropriate spot using velcro choice cards. This is an ideal way to help integrate a student into general education and he/she can really participate with his/her peers.

" Calendar "
This is a personal calendar with twelve months, days of the week, and numbers one through thirty-one. The student cans Velcro on the month and date daily. It also has a sentence on the bottom of the calendar which reads "Today is ____ and _____ . The icons for this sentence include sunny, cloudy, rainy, cold, hot, and snowy.

With all of my items everything is self-contained. Each item has its place for all icons, choice cards and props. You will never need to look for lost pieces again! This is essential for any busy classroom!

Please send orders via e mail to Judy Capra at or visit

Within 30 days of delivery, you may return any of the following purchased items from Jel Publishing: books in their original condition and any other merchandise in new condition with original packaging and accessories.

Domestic Shipping Rates
$ 3.00 per shipment
$ 0.99 per item

United States
Standard Shipping
3 to 7 business days
Items may be shipped by a variety of carriers
Items may be shipped to P.O. boxes
Signature upon delivery required for shipments over $400

Canada Residents
Standard International Shipping
7 to 11 business days
$ 3.99 per shipment $ 2.49 per item


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