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Last Updated: 03/12/2018


Article of Interest - Assistive Technology

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Stevie Wonder Uses New Technology For Blind Fans
Yahoo! Music LAUNCH Radio Networks, May 9, 2005
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Stevie Wonder is making headlines for using a special new music video technology for the clip to his song "So What The Fuss." The video will include a second, descriptive audio track, recorded by hip-hop star Busta Rhymes, and will be accessible to people who are blind or have low vision. Two versions of the video will be released -- the first will be a traditional music video, while the second version will be accompanied with the new technology which can air on all SAP-accessible TV channels.

On Monday, (May 9) in Los Angeles, Stevie Wonder will present both versions of the video, and allow fans to experience the first music video description process for themselves. "Until now music videos have been very one dimensional for those who are blind or with low vision," says Wonder. "Now all music video fans will be able to apply their vision to my video thanks to the descriptive technique, and of course, a great narration by Busta Rhymes. For me, the entire concept is indicative of what happens when you go beyond the status quo and open yourself up to what's possible."

Wonder, a longtime fan of Busta Rhymes, asked the hip-hop star to perform the video narration in Wonder's L.A. recording studio. According to sources who attended the session, Rhymes added the audio description of the music clip with his characteristic flair. "Stevie Wonder is an American icon," says Rhymes. "Without him, most of us never would have picked up a microphone. Only Stevie could come up with a way to let fans that have never seen a video take part in the whole vibe. It was a great project to work on from start to finish."

"So What The Fuss" is the first single from Stevie Wonder's soon-to-be released album, A Time To Love.

Yahoo! Music will premiere both versions of the video on Wednesday (May 11).


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