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Last Updated: 03/12/2018


Bridges4Kids Book/CD-Rom Review: Being in Control: Natural Solutions for ADHD, Dyslexia, and Test Anxiety

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Title: (Book/CD-Rom) Being in Control: Natural Solutions for ADHD, Dyslexia, and Test Anxiety

Reviewed By: Jackie D. Igafo-Te'o
Review Date: March 27, 2006

ISBN: 9659025130

Price: $40.00

Running Time: 42 minutes

Description: Being In Control is a method of helping ADHD LD dyslexia and test anxiety naturally. The concept combines Integrative biofeedback research, all natural nutrition, seated yoga and relaxation/focusing techniques especially developed for the student. Together with coaching principles, and accelerated learning strategies. Physiological research has also provided with a unique and objective physiological measure of concentration and attention in ADHD. The video is a compilation of concepts; an accompanying relaxation video will be released soon.

Jackie's Review:  My 12-year-old son with ADHD read through the book and said "there are some good ideas in here to help me relax." Then he went on to say "but I don't have any of the items that you need to do the exercises." The book and Cd-Rom require the use of several objects which are not typically found in the average home, however, the author has made an effort to mention alternate objects which may be of use instead.  The video is useful in that it gives clear visuals of the exercises contained in the book, along with soothing video clips (the ocean, wind blowing through the leaves, etc.) However, I feel that someone with varying levels of ADHD may have trouble staying on task for the entire 42 minutes. At times, I struggled with the quality of the video. Mr. Alster's voice is much lower in volume than the volume of the video clips themselves.  I found myself straining to hear his voice even at my laptop's highest volume setting. Perhaps this video is best viewed on a desktop computer with speakers capable of a higher volume.  I also had some difficulty following some of the slides - they would change before I finished reading them or they would move too fast or not match the voice. At times, the picture wasn't clear (during times when photos of the book pages were shown). The transition was not very smooth from the video clips (the ocean, for instance) back into the slides. My review of these items is mixed.  While it is my opinion that the concepts contained in the book/cd are valuable, I believe that it was released prematurely.  See the author's comments below to address my concerns regarding release.

Author's Comments On This Review: "Since your review I added another 3 minutes up front of more relaxing scenes with a news interview of myself and child with ADD using the techniques so it is a better introduction to the techniques. When people order they will get the newer version already.  Since I made the movie myself on the easy to learn Windows movie maker 2 unfortunately they do not have the DVD option.  I decided that the tools in the video were more urgent to release now than to wait till the video quality could be improved. After all, a child/parent can still stop or repeat the video as needed and refer to the book.  I was looking to relay concepts overall than to break it down to a few different videos which I might do in the future."

For more information or to order this DVD: Visit at
About the Author: Jason Alster has been treating attention deficit disorder, with or without hyperactivity with a drug-free method which he calls "Being in Control." He and his family currently reside in Israel.  He has written a book by the same name which gives you natural techniques for increasing your child's potential and creativity and for improving concentration and learning - all without the use of drugs. Jason offers us an essay where he describes how he came to develop this technique using his experience as a biofeedback therapist. For more information on Mr. Alster and his extensive work, visit


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