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Bridges4Kids Book Review: Winners for Life

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Title: Winners for Life: A Teenager's Guide to Success Using the Proven Power of Goal Setting

Authors: Donny Anderson and Linkie Seltzer Cohn
Review Date: June 15, 2006

Price: Regular price $12.00; Internet-only Price $10.00

Description: This book has become a bright star for thousands of teenagers all over the country. First published in 1996, Winners for Life has changed thousands of lives with its simple, short and powerful content about how to set and achieve goals. For any teenager who wants to chart your life’s direction for assured success now and for the rest of your life, Winners for Life is the book for you! If you want to learn how to conquer your fears, discover what truly motivates you into action, increase your self-esteem, these will be among the numerous experiments offered in the book.

Jackie's Review: Winners for Life is a shining star in a seemingly dark world facing today's teenagers. This 86-page book sends a powerful message to today's youth: set goals and you will succeed!  Authors Anderson and Cohn explain success in terms that a teenager can easily understand.  Multiple short experiments and worksheets spaced throughout the book show teens how to implement these goal-setting strategies into everyday life. Using today's stars and yesterday's high achievers, the authors combine easy-to-follow stories with an always profound message of how to achieve success in life.  Teens will learn about how Presidents Lincoln and Carter, along with comedian Bill Cosby achieved great success through the process of setting goals and following through to reach them - despite the obstacles facing them.  I am very impressed with this book and hope that it gets into the hands of teens everywhere.  Every youth can use a pep talk about the future - - and how success is within their reach.


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