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Last Updated: 02/23/2018

 Children's Book Review by Jackie Igafo-Te'o - For Pete's Sake!

For Pete's Sake!

by Linda Verville, Illustrated by Melissa Pelletier

A Workbook For Pete's Sake!

by Linda Verville and Melissa Pelletier, Illustrated by Melissa Pelletier



Note: A few weeks ago, I read an article about a lady who had decided to write a children's book to explain "differences" to children by talking about her own experiences with her blind, deaf dog, Pete.  I just had to read the story to my own children to see what kind of an impact it would make on them.  Would they get the point that she was trying to make?


Review:  For Pete's Sake


What I thought - The book was beautifully written and illustrated.  I thought that Linda did a good job at using the two dogs, Pete and Chelsea, to explain that differences can be good and that you can do anything that you set your mind to do.  The book was inspirational and heart-warming.  My children sat through the entire reading and paid close attention - I was impressed at that!  I believe that this book would be a welcome addition to any school library or classroom, as well as to any home where a child with a "special need" or "disability" is introduced into the picture.  I was particularly touched by the portion of the book where Chelsea found out that Pete was not only blind, but was also deaf.  Chelsea felt sorry for Pete before she realized that Pete couldn't hear others tell him what he 'couldn't do' but that he listened to his heart telling him that he could do anything.  What a great POSITIVE lesson!  The workbook is a very nice complement to the book.  The activities inside were enjoyable to my children who are at two different levels of learning (ages 6 and 9).  Bravo, Linda!


What my children thought - My children "got it" and that made me very happy.  I asked them questions and found that they were not only listening but were getting the main jest of what Linda was trying to teach them about differences.   My son even put down his Nintendo in order to participate in the workbook activities.


To see samples of the workbook and book pages visit


The price of the book For Pete's Sake! is $7.95 and A Workbook For Pete's Sake! is only $5.95.


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