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Last Updated: 02/01/2018

 Articles of Interest - Chelation Therapy

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Chelation Therapy is but one of the therapies available for children with Autism or those who have been exposed to lead poisoning.  Chelation Therapy, as it relates to Autism, is not seen as a "cure" for Autism but as a way to remove the mercury that has been placed into the body by vaccines.  As related to lead poisoning, Chelation Therapy removes the lead from the body.


Note: In Michigan, chelation usually requires 5 days in the hospital for IV calcium disodium EDTA and intramuscular injections of BAL in oil (British Anti-lewisite). or a 21-day regimen of oral Succimer (Chemet) in a lead safe environment. Taking the oral Chemet in a leaded environment will cause the child to absorb MORE lead. Sometimes the five day IV and IM course must be repeated 2 or 3 times to get the blood lead level down to a safe level. Most pediatricians/practitioners in Michigan begin chelation at a level of 40 ug/dL or higher. Chelation at levels lower than 40 has not been proven effective according to the literature.


The following is a list of articles on this website pertaining to Chelation Therapy.

  1. The Age of Autism: Gold standards - A published scientific paper suggests gold salts -- the treatment that may have prompted improvement in the first child ever diagnosed with autism -- can affect mental conditions.

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  5. Lead Poisoning Series - This series of investigative articles and editorials about Baltimore's lead poisoning epidemic and its underlying causes is a great example of crusading investigative reporting. This series also includes articles that describe the dramatic responses of state and local officials to the problem. The reporting is extremely high-quality, accurate and hard-hitting. 

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  8. Debated Autism Therapy Gives Hopes to Parents - Gavin Wilken is out in his backyard, unknowingly demonstrating extraordinary accomplishments. The 6-year-old is goofing around with his little sister, Lindsey. He's talking. He's laughing. He's playing chase. Their mother, Tami Wilken, watches from the kitchen, expressing amazement at how normal Gavin seems. You should have seen him a few years ago, she says. He quit speaking. He failed to respond to his name. He would hold a pen in front of his face and spin it for hours on end.

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