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Community Schools


The new Family Strengthening Policy Center (FSPC) Web site is a clearinghouse of information and tools dedicated to family strengthening practices, programs, and policy. One of the principles on which the site is based is that families are strong when they are supported by safe and thriving neighborhoods. Resources include a number of policy briefs on topics such as parental involvement in education, mentoring, and community violence prevention.


The Whole Schooling Consortium is an international network of schools and individual teachers, parents, administrators, university faculty and community members. We are concerned with the following central problems that deepen our social and individual problems: segregation of children based on ability, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status and other characteristics; standardization and narrowing of curricula, stifling creativity, critical thinking, and democratic engagement; narrowly focused standardized assessment that centers schooling around the taking of a test rather than learning and creates competition and rivalry across schools; punishment of schools and educators rather than providing help, support and assistance; consequent creation of school cultures of tension, anger, and pressure preventing what should be a place of joy, fun, community, and care; and lack of attention to economic and social needs of children.


school house

Fall 2004 Issue of Leading Change: Integrating Communities and Schools - The 2004 fall issue of Leading Change is available for download. This issue of the Michigan Department of Education publication focuses on Integrating Communities and Schools.


We Don't Just Serve the Children - This rural Maryland school district can show the big guys how to bring people together for kids.

District Administration: Community Connections - Smart school districts reach out to their communities to make turnarounds and improve learning.

U.S. Schools As One-Stop Centers for Kids & Families - Providing educational and social services at a school site is an effective and efficient way to provide "hope and solutions" for students, their families, and entire neighborhoods. Already there are well over 1,000 full-service schools in the United States and, as word of their success spreads, many more schools and community agencies will form partnerships to support students and their families.


Shared Facilities: Youth Organizations and Schools - Jane Quinn of the Children's Aid Society presents a sound argument for "joint-use" agreements to support the use of schools as centers for the whole community. [Source: PEN]

Community Schools: Is This Their Time? - A commentary by Neal Peirce; Overshadowed by the exclusive academic focus of the federal government's "No Child Left Behind" initiative, a strong movement for full community-based schools has been building around the nation. (May 2003)


Coalition for Community Schools: Strengthening Schools, Families and Communities - The Coalition for Community Schools works toward improving education and helping students learn and grow while supporting and strengthening their families and communities. Community schools bring together many partners to offer a range of supports and opportunities to children, youth, families and communities -- before, during and after school, seven days a week.


Lights On Afterschool! is the only nationwide event calling attention to afterschool programs and their important role in the lives of children, families and communities. Afterschool programs keep kids safe, help working families and improve academic achievement.

MA Parents Learn English, So They Can Help Their Children


Making the Difference: Research and Practice in Community Schools


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