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Last Updated: 02/23/2018

IEP Issues - Accommodations/Modifications

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Michigan MEAP (Testing) Accommodations and Modifications - click here.


Accommodations Manual: How to Select, Administer, and Evaluate Use of Accommodations for Instruction and Assessment of Students with Disabilities (PDF) - This manual from the Council of Chief State School Officers details a five-step plan for use of accommodations in assessments and provides fact sheets and teacher tools. The five steps are: expect students with disabilities to achieve grade-level academic content standards, learn about accommodations for instruction and assessment, select accommodations for individual students, administer accommodations, and evaluate and improve accommodations use. (56 pages, 299 KB).


TN Sevier County Tennessee School System Section 504 Plans: Examples of Program Accommodations and Adjustments - This document contains possible examples of 504 accommodations. This is intended to be a staff document. The following examples are not offered as check lists and should never be considered as all-inclusive or mandatory listings. Rather the following are examples intended to serve as “starters” for 504 teams designing accommodation plans that meet a student’s specific needs.

What is Facilitated communication (FC)? A technique used to help some persons with limited or no speech to communicate by typing or pointing. A facilitator provides both physical and emotional support. The physical support functions as an accommodation for neuro-motor problems that may interfere with independent pointing, which, over time, is usually faded. Some users eventually communicate without any physical contact with their facilitator. (University of Maine, U.A.P., 1995)


Grading Students with Educational Disabilities - The purpose of this material is to provide the general educator with a working knowledge of his or her obligations under the IDEA and Section 504 to provide students with disabilities equal opportunity to learn and receive a passing grade.


TN LOVE UNLEASHED: 4-legged therapist helps teen learn to socialize, verbalize - Jim and Laurie Bond say they owe a lot to their dog, TJ. The couple credit the golden retriever with bringing their 14-year-old son Jeb out of a shell, transforming him from a loner who seldom communicated into a more social, active teen.


Evidenced Based Services and Anxiety - Evidence based services or interventions (EBS) are those that have been scientifically proven to have a positive effect in the treatment of a particular disorder.


Introverted Children in Extroverted Schools - Schools are designed to educate the extroverted majority. They are fast paced, demanding quick thinking and snappy answers, group brainstorming, adapting to constant change and the ability to compete. Extroverts succeed in this environment while introverts thrive in just the opposite atmosphere. [source]


AZ E-mail classes get 'A' - Online program in Mesa credible, convenient, free.


UK Too thirsty for knowledge - Pupils at Westdene bring water bottles to school.


Word Banks and Calculators: Pete Answers Questions About Accommodations and Modifications - Do teachers have to provide the accommodations and modifications listed in the IEP? Pete answers questions, offers thoughts about teaching skills v. providing accommodations and modifications, Diana Hanbury King and Helen Keller, and his "Big Gripe" about special education.


Accommodations and modifications for college students - Do colleges have to provide accommodations for disabled students? Dr. Brown offers advice about dealing with colleges.



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